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I guess every girl at least sometimes dreams of being a beautiful princess who fell in the posh ball, and now shines with all its splendor, and, of course, the splendor of his attire. Soon she meets a handsome prince and falls in love with him! Princess games for girls can bring this dream and realize it, if not in real life, at least in the virtual. Games princesses can be very diverse. This dress can be where you want to dress up princesses into beautiful royal costumes! It can be risovalka where you want to paint the princesses in bright colors. Also, it can be and adventure, where, of course, the main character is a princess. Often, the main characters in these games are the princess of the most famous animated films from Disney. For example, it's Snow White from the cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which became one of the first in the history of Disney. She is the daughter of the king and queen of evil stepdaughter. As you know, it lulled eaten a poisoned apple. Now, to wake her from eternal sleep, to destroy the evil spell and return to Snow White to life need lover kiss the prince. Also one of the princesses is Cinderella, hardworking girl who dreams of marrying a prince. Do not forget about the Aurora of the famous fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". The Little Mermaid Ariel is the daughter of King Triton's underwater world. It is one of the most popular princesses online games on our site. Most of us watched cartoon Beauty and the Beast, where you saw the girl Belle - a simple inquisitive daughter of the inventor. As you know, she was able to dispel the prince who was turned into a monster. She became a princess, after she got married to him. Do not forget about Princess Jasmine from the animated film "Aladdin." It is not just the daughter of the Sultan, but the real Eastern beauty. Among recent works Disney, one of the princesses, Tiana added from "The Princess and the Frog" and the Prince from the cartoon "Tangled." The latter has a magical golden hair, the length of which is already twenty-one meter! All the princesses are found in the games on our site. All the games are very entertaining, interesting and allow you to spend your time. Every girl will find and play on her mind with interesting storyline, and choose in this game that the princess, which she is most like. Enjoy your games on our site!

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