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We have become accustomed to the fact that the creators of computer games present us with the fruits of his work in the form of the most perverted fantasies. And not because it is alien to all the bright and good, but because the players are waiting for them to just such products that will surprise even the most spoiled new gamers. For the most gripping story quickly gets used and begin to crave new experiences. That's how people that all my life looking for bread and circuses. That kept the bar on entertainment popularity many computer games and are reluctant to yield the palm to new ideas. We are used in games to the bloody scenes, we are no longer afraid of the mutants, and the ability to use an arsenal of weapons is seen on "Cheers." These ideas are used so often that they no longer be called a novelty, although some scenes are crammed with them over the top. One of those games was the bloody sci-fi action game from the third person named "Prototype» (Prototype), created by Radical Entertainment, has released its draft in the summer of 2009. This game can easily be called one of the most anti-social. The main character Alex does not even need weapons to wreak havoc in the city. Beginning quite familiar - due to a bug scientists failed in the scientific program. As usual, when something goes wrong, there are viruses and mutants. That's what happened in New York and now, Alex has found new life with superhuman abilities, and move them to memory loss, prompting revenge. During the game you will pass prototype of a series of missions that lead to a logical ending, but if you do not want to commit, you can just run around the city and destroy everything around. While speaking about the final scene of the story, it's hard to say how it is logical. He soon opened, that is of continued stories. Speaking of the plot, here it sometimes looks very realistic, but at some point the use of old stamps, still leaves much to be desired. The game is stuffed to the eyeballs acts of vandalism - the main character all the time something breaks down and all the kills. He picks up and throws a car blows up the tank, demolishing homes and military bases, knocked trees and poles, and so on. As you advance in the game, Alex mutates and, to enhance the destructive effect, may use claws, shield, hand-hammers, whip, armor, sword, and a number of other abilities. In addition, it is able to absorb other people, taking their shape and absorbing ideas and knowledge. But his main danger lies in rapid tissue regeneration and immortality. The main character can jump from any height and suffers only the asphalt in place of his landing, crackle and crumble on small chips. He lifts and throws cars as easily as if they were no heavier than a brick. At the same time, throwing the car into a crowd of people, he kills them en masse, leaving rivers of blood in his path. In the plot of the game prototype present combat and mutants, who were once citizens of New York. Now they're zombies roam the city or attack healthy people. Militias try to discover clusters of infected and cleaned area, destroying the walking dead. Alex, too, must be destroyed, but it can not kill. This game is not for the faint of heart. There is no morality, compassion and humanity. The main idea of ​​the story is in the greatest possible amount of blood and destruction. Despite the fact that the Prototype no unique ideas in graphics, sound and mechanics, the game looks pretty bright, like a Hollywood blockbuster.

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The prototype game free online

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