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Racing has always been considered the male fun. Girls are also taught from an early age to keep house, cook, sew. There are many games that teach these skills. At best, the future of the hosts offer to do her hair, makeup, wardrobe pick. But the girls - there are no less curious than boys. Perhaps even more curious. They also developed thirst for knowledge, the desire to acquire skills, see new places. In order to become a real, fully developed woman, few know how to apply makeup or to lull the baby. Many girls enjoy to help dad in car repairs and even make the first attempt to drive, of course, under Dad's supervision. Not right to impose their stereotypes child, delimit the range of interests in the "boyish" and "girlish." Game Developers have decided to follow this advice and created a series of games for girls race. Of course, there is a risk that girls do not accept such an ingenious solution animators. But the risk is not justified - the game quickly gained popularity among its target audience. Yes, racing games for girls are unusual: they do not do makeup, do not wear brides and cradling babies. This is a real action, involving trucks, motorcycles, racing cars and other high-speed technology. True, an observant player will immediately note that in these games, there is one feature - more glamor than in the boys race. Machines have a bright, even acid colors, often decorated with sequins. And as racers can attend super beautiful Barbie in a stretch suit. However, not all races are full of bright colors - many of them are neutral. And, as many believe - this is a sign of good taste, which is instilled through the game our girls. They need to understand that in the world there is another beauty, not just Pestryaev strazikami pink elephants. In general, the race - the oldest computer games in existence today. And for all of its existence, they have developed and improved. Just hard to imagine on what vehicle is race: this spaceship, and water resources, and various mounts and even completely fantastic views of the UFO. Pilots often perform favorite cartoon and movie heroes, trails are varied, sometimes fantastic. Play in the management of uncomplicated, fun, designed for children of all ages. You do not need to download, you can play online right from your computer.

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