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One of the most popular games are flash games race cars for free in that you can play with us. Racing cars, that is, the rally - a competition vehicles on a given route in the fastest time. Such rallies are held on the road, covered in the course of events, and pass a few days. Trails include the special stages and consist of road sections. In these competitions are involved cars that have undergone significant changes needed to increase speed and endurance of the vehicle. The first such races were held in 1894 between Rouen and Paris. This caused a lot of interest from the public and reported in newspapers as the most significant event. Since then, the races are repeated regularly and were between the cities of Paris, as well as in other European countries. In the same period were developed standard rules of the event, many of which have survived and now: riders will start separately, the route has a reference point, a note on the roads and the legend, a long ride on a normal road (mostly gravel) rally held in any season and weather conditions. Also, there are ways to water fords and narrowed areas that lie along the streets in the settlements. The term "rally" to the racing was first used in early 1907 at the Monte Carlo Rally, but before the end of the twenties, the term is rarely used. Classic car racing game is repeated by all the rules and nuances of these races. Before the game, you can choose your car and before the competition to test it on the road race. In a separate window on the playing field you will see a miniature map of the route and the process of passing. Distance traveled and the one that has yet to be, will be painted in different colors that will give an idea of ​​how much you have yet to be overcome before the finish line and what turns and obstacles await you. Play racing cars like a small and big boys. Fans of these games - it is as a rule, people active and eager movement. They can not sit still, and the level of adrenaline in the blood must exceed the norm. Choose a game from a large range of products, which you can see here, and down the road race with the wind! On our site you will find the best online games racing cars over rough terrain. Choosing a car with the necessary parameters, first, test it on the road, and then included in the race. Just do not stare at the very picturesque scenery, otherwise the risk to fly off the track at high speed. Race style street racers will be a good choice. Choose the driver and race car brand, define a city which will host the race, and go! If you want a ride on a map and take part in the race-style Formula 1 - there is nothing easier. In these games you will have many opportunities. You can pump your Autocar and visit autoshop to acquire what is needed for tuning. Love the sharp turns? Then the game, built on the drift, will fall to your liking. Wrestle with an opponent, show his ability to drift on sharp turns. Who better to cope with the job, will become the winner. Fans of powerful machines will find solace, choosing race cars SUVs. A beautiful three-dimensional graphics makes the game enjoyable and challenging off-road areas and orienteering - realistic. All you have to - just start playing.

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