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Today, in parks and spacious squares can see amazing tricks skateboarders who are committed to their special skill, and seemingly weightlessness movements. Of course, you know right away, to hone a skill jump will take years of training and ability to manage with your body. There is also danger of skateboarding, this is, of course, the danger of injuries that can lead to sprains, fractures and bruises. Skateboarding - it is quite common among young people, but an extreme sport. Everyone likes to watch the competition skateboarders, but different stunts done by a little afraid of their risky and unusual ways of their implementation. Need to replace that of a man who gives his preference for hobbies skateboarding, skateboarder, or call skateboarder. The history of skateboarding began in 1940. Not surprisingly, the riding on skateboards remind us of jumping on the surf on the waves, it is with this trend and created a skateboarding and skateboarders have been the first tool boxes with wheels nailed to them. This is already much later came the idea of ​​a comfortable design boards, and the wheels have changed their form and acquire the quality and reliability. Riding a skateboard feature is the fulfillment of interesting tricks. And it's really exciting, when you feel the adrenaline of doing sophisticated trick or figure. We understand your love for skateboarding, but suggest you make it perfectly safe, and a fascinating, moving to the open spaces of online games on our site. We offer you a unique and most complete selection of skateboard racing game that will simply amaze you! Especially for all skateboarding fans, we have collected the most interesting games racing skateboards that are not only lightweight and easy to manage, but also allow you to really hone your skills with controlled skateboard. You can quite easily do flips his crown, there is provision for rotation of skate kicks, will also be able to demonstrate excellent grab, which involves the capture of skate hand, but most importantly, be able to win races, which take place on skateboards. A vivid impression, exciting action, full of adrenaline and the desire to win is waiting for you as soon as you start the game about skateboarding online. And you do not need to download and install additional applications with different site, just start the game online and start entertaining contests of skill and execution of tricks. Of course, before the beginning of a difficult game, you will be able to work out a little bit, to hone their skills in the game to become a unique leader and winner of the competition. Most importantly, the racing game will allow you to skateboard to demonstrate their skills to all your friends or parents who can be proud of you and your achievements in this wonderful area of ​​sports. It's so nice to do something important and exemplary, recognized, and to become popular, so therefore did not start racing games on skateboards online right now! Call all your friends and run any flash application now to demonstrate all their victories and outstanding achievements!

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