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Game rangers are quite interesting idea. Who are the Rangers? So called hunters, police, wanderers. Chances are you've heard names like Texas or a space ranger, but most likely you will be the news that the U.S. is so named some aircraft carriers, as well as programs involving unmanned vehicles, study the moon. Elite Regiment of the United States, as well as a police unit in the U.S. state Tehass also called rangers. Scotland and Chile have football clubs, which are called "Rangers", and in fiction series "Babylon 5" is a military organization, which also has the name "Ranger". Company Elemental Games and 1C in 2002, developed and released an epic game of "Space Rangers", which includes a mix of different genres: adventure, turn-based strategy games, arcade games, RPG and space simulator. Such a variety of directions and wreath makes it impossible to clearly define the genre of the game, but the main thing that she's gone for good. The game tells the story of the confrontation between the Galactic Commonwealth of five races and Klissans - an aggressive form of life-minded hostility. Try to be in the role of a ranger - volunteer to fight Klissans. The game stands out the possibility of sending the story on your own. You and the other players will develop their characters, to trade, to reflect pirate attacks and fight Klissans, raise your hero and buy advanced equipment. Present in the game and quest assignments as prickly humor process only give additional charm. The game came to taste not only the players but the critics with the censors, that does not always happen. This high score played its role and logical extension, the emergence of the game "Space Rangers 2. Dominator "in 2004, where the story develops in early XXXIV century. Now we see a game made in 3D graphics, making battles and other actions are even more impressive. The developers worked hard and made it possible to control any robot, added a new space station, and the old modernized. Now there is a boost, there were distinctive features of buildings and striking differences by type of weapon. The game can be proud of its recognition in Russia and outside it. But should also pay attention to other Rangers games that are worthy. Company "1C: Ino-Co" became parents quite thoughtful and exciting game "The Code War & superior race" that was quick with the extensions: "Code of War & Magic," "Code of War & The Rangers" and "Code of War & The Siege." Hero Cornelius quite freely chooses his job and how they apply. The undeniable advantage is also the possibility to choose any mission. Mini-games of the Rangers are also missing on the Internet, and on our website as well. One of those games - "Power Rangers", calling on the struggle against the forces of evil. The game has several levels, but to move them, you need to find hidden clues. Game rangers offer with fast drive on a motorcycle, accelerating and overtaking opponents. Games with Space Rangers plunge you into a world of space battles, and a chance to become an intergalactic hero. Games of this genre direction does not leave anyone indifferent. Space history buffs can choose from a vast range of any game, and passing levels, becoming a hero. Added to its collection of popular games new stories.

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