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Fairy tale about a girl named Rapunzel was written by the brothers Grimm and how their works are marked by an extraordinary event and unpredictable plot twists. This is a story about a girl with an extremely long braid, who played in her life role. A young couple expecting a baby and pregnant wife once saw a neighbor in the garden grows lush and such a lovable Rapunzel. She really wanted to try it, and she asked her husband to pick her some of this delicacy. But, while her husband was operating in the garden, a neighbor noticed him. This lady was a witch, because she allowed the man to pick as Rapunzel as he wants, but instead demanded to give her first child to be born of them with his wife. Her husband agreed, and when his wife gave birth to a daughter, the witch took her and named Rapunzel. She grew beautiful, but on reaching twelve years, the witch shut her in a tower, where there was no door, but only one small window. In order to rise to the girl, the witch asked her to pull out of the window of her long hair and climbed on them. One day the prince saw it and went to the girl in the same way. They fell in love, and he offered Rapunzel to marry him. She agreed, but the stepmother of the Witch-aware, cut her hair and drove off into the woods, and Prince dazzled. Some time later, Prince, wandering in the woods, came upon the children. It were his children, and they brought him to Rapunzel. She returned with her tears prince sight, and he took his family to his palace. For a long time could not decide what kind of plant it was the name for a girl. In the process of research, before left two plants - a bell, which in German sounds like Rapunzel-Glockenblume, or valeryanitsa, which also has the name of Rapunzel. But since only the bell edible root and the leaves only in the young form, it was decided that the tale has in mind, it valerianella which has edible leaves and is quite common in Germany as a base for salads. The fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm starring TV movies and cartoons. About her composed songs and produced computer games for girls Rapunzel. Among the latter, fans will be able to find such genres as directions, coloring books, puzzles, search for items and decorations, dress, hair, kissing, makeup, quests. Games made in colorful graphics and accompanied by a nice melody. There is nothing more fun than playing a game Rapunzel which can be in many ways, for example, coming up with a new character for the beloved fairy-tale image and restoring it to the paint. Search for items for a while - figures or fragments of the picture, will help develop observation and not to miss even the smallest detail. Especially children should like Rapunzel fairy stories quest games. "Escape Flynn" immerse players in an incredible and dangerous adventures, which was subjected to the Prince - beloved Rapunzel. He stole the royal regalia, and now his posters hung throughout the kingdom. You have to avoid arrest and help Flynn collect all the posters. In addition to online play Rapunzel, 1C localized game «Barbie - Princess Rapunzel" in the genre of adventure, where Barbie plays the role of Princess Rapunzel and her goal is to dispel the castle to a past beauty and brightness. In the game you will find a lot of mini-games, and of which made the whole gameplay. Coloring books, puzzles, mazes, and other logical tasks will enrich.

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