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All children and many adults enjoy rides. This kind of entertainment is indifferent, because so many disparate emotions as joy, excitement, enthusiasm, adrenaline, and even excites fear can not get anywhere else. All sorts of swinging, spinning, turning, rising and falling carousel room fear and laughter, racing cars, shooting range for shooting as well as roller coasters, all in one place and attract visitors. The last-mentioned attractions, namely, roller coasters are the main "dish" in this fun place. They are both attracted and frightened. Dizzy looking at steep turns, loops, falling slopes and lifts up his head. This game definitely is not for the faint of heart. But so would like to experience strong emotions and unforgettable experiences! One has only just ride on these slides, as all life is what to remember. If you are one of those brave individuals who are willing to risk, or because of age is not mature enough, when the attraction will be available to you, the game offers you a roller coaster that will give you the opportunity without undue risk to test drive the entire online. Of course, you feel like your hair, cheeks, and the nerves are trying to run away from you with the flow of the wind, but arranging for virtual people on a show, you can ride along with them on the train, which runs on rails with insane speed, making unimaginable turns. Before you embark on a crazy trip, you have to build yourself that hill, which can bring to microinfarction. To do this, you will have the entire set of virtual design, consisting of separate direct rail webs, dead loops, climbs and descents, as well as other supporting elements. Before you start building, you will find training tips that will help you get comfortable in the role of an engineer. By following them, you soon will be able to create their own designs of different configuration. But, be careful in your imagination. If you make too many clever twists and dangerous part of the road, your passengers, at best, just sick, and at worst, they will fly to the track and crash. Why do you make such sacrifices? You're not a maniac killer. There are other troubles that will trap you in the design of the roller coaster - too steep rise will make it impossible journey, as the train simply can not climb on it. In another case, if the slide will come too smooth and calm, a train ride through it easily and quickly, but visitors do not get the expected emotions of the trip. In one other case, and you expect failure, bad mood, passengers and even their anger. But, if it works as it should, wait for applause and shouts of joy. Rollercoaster game presented in different ways. If you do not want them to be, you can simply run a train full of passengers and jump the broken fragments of the railway. Such disgrace, fortunately, can only happen in the computer version of roller coasters, and even virtual people kill something cruel. That is why your job is to try to stay on the move, until you return to the starting point. In addition to the classics of the genre, where all the funny, fun and scary at the same time, there are games where the train as passengers sit ghosts. This can happen on Halloween and while roll disembodied spirits have often, yet is somehow not on itself.

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