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Most likely, everyone heard about this great game like billiards. All over the world can meet a lot of fans of this game. According to statistics, it is one of the most popular games in the world, it's a very old game, and today almost nobody remembers what time it appeared. In this board game played by all our great-grandmothers and great-grandfather! However, at the dawn of billiards in the game to play is not all fun and it was only available to some people from high society. However, in the twentieth century began to spread billiards, and became a massive game and a popular pastime. In today's world, in many cafes and public places have at least one pool table. Most people associated with the billiard table with green baize, cue and balls. This gentleman set is quite able to distract us from the monotony of everyday life and make us immersed in this game. In today's world can be for a variety of pool play, not only in the billiard club or the cafe, but also on the Internet. You can do this if you really want to play billiards, but the circumstances do not allow to play for real poker table. All the more so to play Russian billiards online for free in the virtual space are becoming more and more people. As you know, the internet can not only play with a computer bot, but with real people who are at the same time you launch the game, and join your table. Thus, in a virtual pool can be played with friends and colleagues, for example, for fun or to resolve a dispute. Of course, in the virtual pool ceases to be a mobile game, but despite this, he remains as interesting and exciting game. As you know, billiards has received many different types of games, but the basis remains the same: you just need to drive as many balls into the pockets. For example, the pool is one of the most popular types of pool in the United States of America. In France, the popular game of Carom - French variation of billiards. As you probably know, in Russia, the most common Russian billiards. He is popular among Russian-speaking Internet users. At least, so says the statistics of our site, and it is in Russian billiards is most like to play visitors to our site, although the catalog of our games there is a pool, and carom and snooker, and many other varieties of this wonderful game.

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