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Today created so many games in the genre of adventure, many of them just are not remembered, because it does not have an original idea. It is because, when there is something exotic, it immediately attracted attention and brought to the forefront. Such a product can safely take the game «Samorost» (Zamora), which still can be translated as "identity", created by Jakub Dvorsky in 2003 during a period when Jakub studied at the Academy of Architecture and Design in Prague. Despite the fact that the game can not be called fresh, it never ceases to stand out for its originality and the author of the game is not just a talented person, and unusual, because only such a man could create such an original thing. Immerse yourself in the gameplay, the person gets to the metaphysical world, where what is happening seems unreal, surreal. Exaggerating - one of the features of graphics, and music seems to get inside and forces thought to move in an unusual pace and direction. Another such feature of this game is simplified management gameplay, which, however, only goes for her. The main character, whose uncomplicated Dvorsky called Gnome, you will control a computer mouse, moving it to locations. A goal of the game - the hero saving the planet from a collision with an asteroid. Later came the sequel «Samorost II», which Jakub Dvorsky released by «Amanita Design» - Web Design Studio. The new version of Gnome rescues his dog from the captivity of the aliens. At that time, as the first series provides the player for free, the second only partially you can. However, the price for the right to play in «Samorost II» so ridiculous that anyone can afford it. Both series were duly received awards and prizes, and the true fans of this puzzle quest looking forward to Zamora 3 play on any terms. We only know that the work on the third part is, but at what point is a writer, is uncertain, although the Internet you can already find screenshots of the new series. If you are a fan of Jakub Dvorsky, then surely and game «Machinarium» mechanical world of robots has not passed by your attention, and you have noticed a unique author's handwriting, expressed in graphics and style of gameplay. This style is becoming a hallmark of the author and surrealist paintings like where things take on new meaning, refracting and hanging in space, where the absence of the usual logic and perception of the world, and where the impossible is possible. If qualified computer products Yakub, the "Zamora" are a kind of amateur quests. What does this mean? For amateur games are those that were created on a commercial basis or offered for a nominal fee. Yet they are of high quality graphics, and lovingly-drawn to the smallest detail, the small resolution and a limited number of colors. Sound effects and animations too short, since the emphasis is on the story. But sometimes, there are games where imposed very high quality music, no less voiceover commercial products. Most often, the duration of the passing game takes a couple of hours, but there are options and individually minute pass or full-length versions. Those games that are now beckoning in Zamora 3 play, really nice imitation of the original. But while we wait out the author's version, we can enjoy a copy.

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