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When the adults in the New Year's Eve start busiest days in the pursuit of food for the holiday table and gifts for the whole family, the kids on the contrary, there comes a magical time. Forgetting for a while about school and grades children make wishes, write letters to St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and Santa Claus. New Year - the most important children's party, when there is a celebration in the air, almost physically. Winter is generally happy kids more than any other time of year. Even swimming in the river can not be compared with the games in the snow, snowman and stucco fence. While the adults wrapped in warm scarves and complain of severe frost, children in full frolic in the yard, skiing, sledding, skating, and Frost Ruddy their cheeks and draw intricate designs on the windows. And when the house comes alive, fragrant tree, the peak comes the magical mood. So enjoy the Christmas tree can only children. It is a genuine delight and anticipation of something new, fabulous and secret. Just as a child waits for Santa Claus, who is sure to come to all the children and leaves presents under their Christmas trees. More important is not so much a gift as it is waiting for the arrival fantastic grandfather. Unfortunately, only once a year, this holiday. But on the other hand, if it is repeated too often, had a pall, bored, and lost its mystery. Movies and cartoons on the theme of the New Year is often very funny, funny and mischievous. They are filled with a festive mood, and only this night happen incredible stories. True, watching movies in the summer of winter, when the outside temperature is above thirty degrees, it seems a mockery of the body, but even playing Santa Claus is very, very can lift your spirits and cool. As the holiday, Christmas games are filled with humor and fun, as Santa Claus appears in the title role. He should do his duty and razvezti children gifts. But on his way all the time something happens, and only your help can benefit the children's happiness. Help Grandpa collect gifts that he scattered because of torn bag. The old fabric is worn out, and all the toys and sweets were in the snow. If Frost said it once, then you would not have him now cleaned the area. But what can you do - it is old, and that's scattered. Then suddenly it turned out that as soon as he toys again in the bag, he was frightened by the height and now it pendalya need to drive to the roof. Do wider scope, and blow harder, not to miss the chimney. Senile sclerosis - it's sad, but it is doubly sad when it manifests itself in Santa Claus. Well it must be somewhere to plant sleigh! Although perhaps the police chased them into a fine-pad for speeding. Whatever it was, and remained bearded Gull without a vehicle, and now he has to move the available methods. That sweet saddle, then a rocket sky cuts. Sometimes he has to pedal the bike and twist or ski run. In general, he razzyava now wriggle out! Playing Santa Claus - is a funny, funny and provocative play. You will visit the laboratory of elves who work on the creation of sweets and toys, will collect puzzles, solve puzzles, mazes run, perform the job quest, paint, returning them to a celebration of colors and participate in funny situations.

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