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"Once upon a-state, once upon a prince with a princess. And they lived together and have fun "- this could start this column, but it did not start because it collected the most terrible game. And how can there be a cloudless reign, when around, with howling ghosts fly, the monsters of all kinds and breeds of attack. Games in this genre is not for the faint of heart, but if you're the type of those fans who are not averse to tickle your nerves, do not lose, and run the most terrible game. There are some horror connoisseurs who prefer to be afraid, being in the dark closed room and alone. But this is only really a desperate suit himself such horror. In addition to full-length computer horror stories that need to be installed on your computer, created a lot of flash games online, a great selection of which is good gourmet horror. Steeped in the atmosphere of the shadows, whispering voices and sudden, sharp cries, mystical music, enveloping and creating the right mood, he loses touch with the times and this world, and only a thin thread connecting gamers with reality, even looked through a thick fog. You will see how to move the dark strange elongated shape. They are moving, swaying from side to side, instead of clothes with them hanging pieces of fabric. This undead went for a walk in search of their prey. But skeletons with pumpkins instead of heads come from the other side, blocking your path. Above his head circling bats squeaking and releasing the vampire fangs, eager to one `s in your throat. Earth also moves to and from your hands to stretch half-rotten flesh, trying to catch the leg and drag the ground for worms and bugs. These creatures have surrounded you on all sides, and this is not a dream. This is not a dream, but only the most terrible game. Going down to the dungeon, where the rats live and damned souls of those who died in the dungeons of the prisoners, or climbing a high tower, where the heavy clouds cling to the stone teeth and crawl like a dirty cotton wool - everywhere you will feel anxiety, fear, and brutal terror stynuschy blood and raising the hair on the back of the head. Bad dreams will not let you rest. Caught between two worlds - the living and the dead, the little boy will look for the answer to a puzzle that plagued his family - to hit his sister after a car accident? Way in nightmares is through surrealistic fantasy parallel world filled with characters and events, it is unsuitable for normal life. No exit or its very hard to find. Each step is accompanied by someone raspy chuckle or a rolling laugh and it seems that someone is sneaking up from behind, but is to turn around, as the picture is replaced by another, and you'll know where you are. These fears are in terrible games waiting for you at every step. If you're not so much afraid of love, but the genre itself attracts you, do not despair, because there are games in the category for you. Halloween is not so scary and you can indulge his hobby to create a vampire image, painting the face and matching outfits. Or help Scooby Doo escape from ghosts.

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