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Search for items in computer games - is one of the most preferred genres. They resemble detective stories, so curious natures to one's soul stories, where the main goal is to search for, discover and compare. Such games are invented quite a lot, and the plot, though vary a lot, but remain the main idea. Game play is to look for items on our web site are available to all, as we bring you the most interesting stories. Each new game - a new complicated story. If Laura Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and do not give you peace, then open the game online to look for items and you do not escapes no one, even the most terrible secret. Many games include additional genres, such as an economic strategy, which allows not only to find the object, but also to sell it, and then, having saved enough money to purchase what the terms of the game you need. These can be other objects or bottles with liquids to raise vital energy of the character, the artifacts to advance through the levels, or additional capacity. These games always look bright and colorful. This high quality graphics and nice music. Iskalki look elegant and uplifting. Often they present some humor, especially if the game is created based on the animated movie or TV series. Such example is the game, which formed the basis series "Daddy's Girls." Funny, funny quest in finding items can tighten into a virtual world for hours. In the house where he lives of so many people, and the guests are an integral part of the world of girls, is in a complete mess of things and toys. To remove all the debris, you must have patience and have a keen eye. In the game you have to go through mini-games with puzzles. Additional tasks in the form of puzzles often found in such games, but it contributes to the diversity and the process does not get bored of the monotony of action. Pretty funny game about the awkward and angular girl named Masyanya bring to your collection of favorite games and new experiences may lead her. Masyanya find just a master at his head with adventure. In fact, she cant misunderstanding, and that's why it's so much fun and interesting to sort out different situations. Play with her love, even adults, let alone children's audience. Free games online to look for items like a young detectives and detectives curious and gambling gamers. You will travel a lot and look for artifacts in the ancient temples, hieroglyphs, and hints about what happened, and why such an advanced civilization perished. You will discover the secrets of the jungle, ancient cities, pyramids of Egypt, the vast desert and the sea bottom. Wrecks will disclose to you the chests of jewels, and pyramid share encrypted letters. Young players will look for animals, fish and birds, at the same time remembering their names. All this opens up to you when you start playing online iskalki. There are games and a sharp little stuffed - Mysticism and the horrors of ancient castles are not very willing to share his secrets, but to be assertive, no secret will remain unsolved. Move the web, light the torch, unlock rusted locks and spirits that guard the old dungeon, tingle shackles and chains. Away the fear! Only the brave will be able to cope with the task and learn the truth of the old family estate. Iskalki games online are designed to suit all tastes. Precisely because they are so different.

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