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Shooter genre has become one of the most common, and seeing column with that name, you realize that there settled games based on fighting battles with weapons. Shooters are divided into several subspecies, and have their own characteristics. Single-user version of the shooter, where the player acts in the person of his hero managed against bots computer has lost its freshness and lost popularity pedestal other areas. His line graphics and primitive actions will not seem so attractive compared to the multiplayer shooter. Now this is a new level with multi-level, complex junctions and volume graphics. For example, at least remember Counter Strike. Games can still play shooters on a first-person tactical, bloody and 3D-shooters. This is a fairly conventional definition as mentioned sub genre of shooter is closely interwoven and connected with each other. In the first-person shooter that takes place on the field is seen through the eyes of controlled character. To achieve this, the developers had to work hard to bring the game to a new level. This, in turn, required from computers and new opportunities in terms of technical characteristics. One important part of first-person shooters - the availability of the multiplayer mode. Referring to the history of this area, you can trace the first steps in the games: Maze War - was published in 1973, was the next Spasim 1974 release, the game is for Maze MIDI ST Atari 1987, became a kind of a pioneer in the genre of action, which included a Multiplayer online. Perhaps, finally genre, as such, was formed in the game Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, but if you continue the list, then it will be game: Half Life and Half Life 2, Doom, GoldenEye 007, Metroid Prime series and Halo. I must admit that today play first-person shooters have become the most successful and popular commercial products. In 3D-shooter (3D - three dimensions, and the shooter (shooter) - arrows (in common - Shooter)), the player is in the space of three-dimensional maze, a limited ceiling, walls and floor, though there are exceptions. In the maze the player meets allies, neutral characters and enemies. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemies and find a way out of the maze. During the game it is necessary to find the hidden move, the keys to the locked doors, and in the version with extended tasks, set explosives and held mini-games. But the destruction of the enemy is not always paramount, because the main thing - the mission. Such a scheme can be seen playing in the game Call of Duty. Sub-genre of 3D-shooter can be considered a tactical shooter, or as it is called - a team. Game it can go in the third or modes from the first person. Sometimes there is a mixture, and then the player can switch between modes. Unlike tactical shooter is the ability to build teams with other players and NPCs, and the conduct of military actions like the real military campaigns. Tactical Shooter is often called "the soldier simulator" that because emphasis in these games is to conduct realistic combat unit and character interaction with the environment. Now, instead of attacking directly, it is preferable to fire from cover and develop tactics in general, avoiding serious injury. "Blood" shooters aim of mass destruction of the enemy (usually bots), and the player must be sufficient space for action.

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