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American full-length animated film "Shrek" was filmed by director V. Jenson and E. Adamson, based on the book "Shrek," written by William Steyganom. The film received many awards including an Oscar, which was the first such case in history. In this tale interwoven many stories, familiar from other books, but which are original and believable woven into a new plot, and lived a new life. Shrek - is a huge and green ogre. He is a cannibal, and though his good nature does not allow him to feast on human flesh, his vanity flattered by the fact that at the sight of it all run away in horror. He lives in a swamp in the country Dyulok, whose inhabitants have come here from different fairy tales of Europe. His dwelling place was secluded, yet the governor Dyuloka - Lord Farkuad not expelled all the fairytale characters of their possessions, and they are not moved to the swamp. This is a very troubled Shrek, and he decided to find a relationship Farkuadom regarding relocation. Had come with him talking Donkey, and pestered him to talk incessantly. It is only then they became best friends. Then wait for Shrek various adventures, which in the end he finds his bride Fiona. Now enjoy all the adventures that are prepared for the fate of our hero, we can and in computer games, Shrek games online. This green ogre is presented in a variety of game genres directions. You can add up puzzles, where the pictures are scenes from the movie. Shrek, his wife, Fiona, and even toddlers - the children of the couple, will be interesting and rewarding pastime. Games are divided into different levels of complexity, which will give the opportunity to choose the one that corresponds to the age of the child. Games like coloring creative types. Now you do not need to look on the shelves of albums with their favorite characters, buy pens, paints, pencils and crayons. Just run the game and start playing the game Shrek 1. A wide palette of colors at your disposal and you can easily change the color in the picture, if you do not like it. With games, you will avoid disappointment colorings, if you suddenly something went wrong. Shrek games online dress up like girls who want to do very girlish pastime - fitting dresses. Create a new image of the familiar characters and save it to memory. Adventure Games are presented in different ways and give you the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency with Shrek on his journey to the land lord to the contrary. All the way you will encounter obstacles and watch for the enemy. Help Shrek deal with them, and do not forget to pick up useful items and have time to time to pass the levels. Each level will be complicated and you have to concentrate and to show all his skill and speed to avoid ambushes and most deal a decisive blow. Yet you will find a puzzle game where you have to remove the chain from the field of the same elements. And in the games to find items, you should not miss a single element, or the level will not be passed. Learning to ride a skateboard giant is difficult, but with games Shrek is possible. Games are made in bright, colorful color scheme with high-quality graphics and a nice melody. Such games are remembered for a long time, which is why games are able to capture Shrek forever love and attention of an audience of children. You can list a long time a pleasant experience on a variety of games on Shrek, you can paint his friends in the details, but if you can not wait to plunge himself into the whirlpool of events and find new adventures of favorite characters, then start playing the game Shrek 4.

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