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Computer technology is not standing still and offer the market more and more new inventions, which often differ in their modesty heavy. No time to another new game "take root" and settle, as it appears the patches, for which there is no space on the hard disk. Not all PC owners can update the hardware as much as the market offers. But even wealthy person would not buy a new computer model, only to be able to adapt to innovative games. Based on this, we have only to observe the innovations and, swallowing salivating, quiet sigh. But not all so sad, because this situation provides scope for action to other companies that develop computer games that do not require them to download and install. At the same subjects and the quality of the games themselves are not inferior to the "big brother", but you can play them online at any time. These games are casual, or, as they are called, simple games. The concept of "casual" can be translated as "random", and play a game can people of all ages and interests, because today they are built in such a quantity that whosoever will find the product easy to taste. It can be multi-level games or such that you can play "in between times." These games are simple settings, colorful graphics, a minimum of text content and very easy to operate. Even children can easily learn the games, and adults have the opportunity to relax for a short break at work or in the evening before bedtime. If at the beginning of creation, not simple games were diverse, but now they have lost their genre boundaries and covered almost all areas. In the 2000s, casual games for the first time defined as a genre, and obtained the mass distribution, but in fact, this is the first game, not only for computers but consoles. We all remember the first representative of a simple game - Solitaire "Solitaire", which is distributed free of charge, and a flirt all PC owners. Pioneers of casual games - bingo, card games and puzzles, came in 1996. Soon there will be another game called Bejeweled, which also has won deserved fame. These products have successfully paved the way for other simple games where control is a computer mouse or keyboard, and the games have been successfully undertaken in a short time. The popularity of simple games was the occasion for developers to expand the boundaries of genre, creating a new, more exciting stories. Despite the fact that we now have the opportunity to enjoy casual games in different genres, the first of them, too, did not leave the Olympus, and continue to develop. Today we have the puzzles, the game "three in a row", checkers, backgammon, chess, mahjong, dominoes, marbles, snakes, mazes, towers, and similar games. Also we have available quests, arcades and shooters, platformers and adventure games. With such a wide variety of genres and subjects, it's hard to stay on one thing. Even if we consider that each player has their own preferences, it is difficult to resist, not to try something new. Some genres are so many faces in their subject matter, the players will not be bored for a minute. These games include, for example, quests that have multiple branches, offering an economic strategy or a plot aimed at care - search for items, differences or the same images. Many games offer a simple version of the mobile version, which makes them more accessible.

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