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Cartoon "The Simpsons" - a kind of parody of the American way of life. The series is very popular among all ages since 1987. That's when the screen went out the first series of this wonderful cartoon. Since then, came 22 seasons and more than 500 episodes of animated series "The Simpsons". This figure is a record. No less popular are the Simpsons and the games that are both adults and children. Adults watch this animated series because of the social problems that it raises. In an easy and fun in the form of "The Simpsons" shows the life of the American people, and the majority of American families. Children also enjoy charismatic characters, namely the father Homer, mother Marge, Bart them obnoxious teenager, and their daughter, Lisa and Maggie. The main characters regularly fall into funny situations, and rework. The most interesting thing is that over the years of production in the cartoon series of jokes about it does not recur, and has always been diverse, and ridiculous. In "The Simpsons" Enjoy a great atmosphere, which can be compared to home, because after watching any series on the soul is really easy! The Simpsons Game play which can be on our site, sometimes based on the plots of some episodes of the animated series, and sometimes are simple quests and adventures, in which the main characters are the heroes of the cartoon series. Despite the fact that the series comes out almost 25 years, he was no end in sight. The new series is available with enviable regularity. The Simpsons Virtual games online, you can play on our site, such as popular as the TV. After all, these games are inspired by the animated TV series, which many call the most popular of all that ever came out. He is more popular than "South Park", he more popular than "Family Guy" and is more popular than "Futurama." Hardly ever release something as a successful, long-lasting, and most importantly fun, like "The Simpsons". In The Simpsons 3 games can be played online right in your browser, and it does not need to download or install any application. The Simpsons love not only on the TV screen, but also in the computer gaming world. These yellow fellows captivated several generations to the heart. The Simpsons Arcade pleased with the variety, interesting stories and stunning graphics. The smallest can entertain yourself prettification the main characters of animated television series, because in our time, there are virtual coloring.

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