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Computer Simulation of life constitute a genre in which the player controls a virtual character without a specific purpose, which distinguishes it from economic policies. The main theme of life simulators - to meet the immediate needs of the character, developing and modeling for him a comfortable living environment. A striking example of this simulator can serve as the famous game The Sims, where all the characters controlled by the player. Sims go to work, to school, eat, dance, wash, watching TV, chatting with friends, sleeping, taking care of a garden, that is, live like normal people. These games created a lot. The main characters can be anything - people, animals, insects or fish. Gameplay simulators intricate life is different, but, nevertheless, we must vigilantly monitor the level of the scale of their needs. Despite its apparent simplicity, is not always on time to see and react to changes in the character's desires. Only a hero was all happy, but then he spoiled the mood. Do not have time to convene the guests to have fun, as he already wants to sleep, and he can lay down to the side in the middle of the dance floor and snoring peacefully snoring. Do not have time to feed him, as he wants to use the toilet. If there's not poison him there, he got dirty pants shamelessly! Very bright play The Living Planet («Live Earth") in the genre of simulation of life was released in 1990 in the studio Maxis. In it the player is invited to feel God, developing the individual planets, creating her climatic conditions for a safe birth and evolution of life. Similar game with no less thrilling story called Spore from the company Electronic Arts. Moreover, the game has become famous even before its release. You will see a drop in life arises. It develops, grows and changes into a new form of life. The game follows the development of our planet, but only in an accelerated form. Soon invisible bacteria evolve so that there will be a reasonable creature, and go explore vast space. Initially you will be given the opportunity to choose one of the planets that you want to populate. Also, you can choose the initial stage of the game - either alone nurture primitive bacteria to a rational being, or just start playing primitive humanoid. If the choice falls on the cell, we must decide what it will be - carnivorous or herbivorous. Your choice will determine its diet - living organisms or small algae. One should not forget that around full of predators, and you may well be someone's dinner. When a move to a new stage of life, there will be a need for reproduction. With the creatures on land, you have to decide how it will look. Design it the look you're trying on him available in the menu of the body. Please remember that each piece carries a functional purpose and help your creation to survive in the harsh conditions of the competition. To protect fit fangs, claws, thorns, stings, etc. etc. To attract a mate for marriage game, you have to build a nest and issue rallying cry. In order to survive, join the pack and avoid predators. Next you will manage the tribe, clothing and weapons. As you evolve, your appearance will change, and eventually you reach the highest point of development and go into space. You will find many different simulators and it can be even a mini game with a simple story. In any case, Simulation of life - this is a very interesting game.

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