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We offer you to discover the category, which drew a game simulator for girls. All that keen and interested in modern young lady, reflected in computer games this subject. Here you get the opportunity to do business, provide services, or simply entertain. Salons fashion stores, hotel chains and restaurants are waiting for the master arm, which will direct the business of the road to prosperity and economic stability. Starting to build a business from scratch, you can develop it to a large corporation. To do this, you must learn to consider many factors and to respond to the desires of consumers. Business woman - it is not a profession but a way of life. Today, women can effectively manage not only to individual shops, but also a city. Become the mayor of the city, which they themselves built. Think of what you would like to change or improve in their own city, and you will need virtual inhabitants. Build roads, watch for water purification system, build parks and other recreation areas, do not forget the bus stops and buildings fire protection, police, and health centers. If you prefer a resort area, develop the beaches, summer cafes and marinas. You will find a lot of games related to the development of confectionery, perfume shops and large supermarkets. In games of restaurant you can act in different roles - from waitress to owner. In any case, you need to cater to visitors, so that they were satisfied and returned to you yet. Continuing the theme of service, pay attention to the game, where you are asked to take care of animals or children. This may be a clinic or day care where you can become a nurse or treat their wards. In the games of the beauty salon, you will be able to give its customers a new look, change her hairstyle, doing make-up, choosing clothes and jewelry. And animals as customers take a role as also love to show off their four-legged friends a new image. But, probably, looks particularly attractive game where you have to be a professional shoperom by buying these goods over time. If you've thought that transcended in this ability of his girlfriends, then test yourself on the strength of those computer games. Simulation games for girls farm - this is another common type of simulator to economic elements. Here you will be able to start his own farm with animals and plants. As in any business, you will gradually be able to develop, purchase new equipment and sell the fruits of their labors. Playing these games, now you will know that potatoes and bread does not grow on the trees, and the eggs are dug out of the ground. You will understand how important and hard work a farmer and to spread butter on bread, it is necessary to go a long way since growing little cow. Now that you've mastered the farm school, you can go out and play something a little more extravagant. Become the Queen of partying in one of the simulators for girls. Then you stand in the role of CEO for the organization and festive events. Your customers are the most famous people in the world of show business, and they need to their respective breaking their rank. Your task is to arrange things so that they were satisfied. Keep the situation under control and quickly respond to all their wishes. Comfortable atmosphere and excellent service you will be erected on stardom and you will be able to chat with celebrities on equal terms.

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