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Snooker is a kind of billiard games and differs significantly from the other versions. It is very popular in the UK. The end of the seventies of the last century brought her international fame, and the game was one of the participants of the competition for pocket billiard games in the World Championships, which are held annually. It is believed that the British invented Snooker Colonel Neville Chamberlain in India in 1875. Originally the game was involved only four colored balls, but by the end of 1890 there will be two. 1919 was marked by the fact that the organization BA & CC accepted and adopted formal rules of Snooker. The game has undergone decline and revival of interest in it. For quite a long time it was forgotten, but in 1970 it again became popular and got on the television screens. Since then, the game adds to the ranks of her fans and gets momentum. Snooker game is not easy, but that interest in it only increases. The player must demonstrate talent strategies and tactics to calculate in advance the progress and only in conjunction with the sophisticated engineering games, can expect to win. Compete and Snooker online play for free with other players allows our gaming website. The game prevents cheat and break the rules, which is a significant advantage of the online version. On board you can see the valid points earned in the game. We have yet to play Snooker are increasingly part, so it will not be superfluous, a little bit on its rules. The game is played three balls. White ball on that beat, called "cue." Then there are fifteen red balls and six balls of different colors - blue, green, brown, yellow, pink and black. The account is based on the results of points that add up to the sum of the fines (fouls) opponent and scored balls. Each ball has its own gradation estimates. Red ball scores one point. Next to high yellow - he gains two points. Green, respectively, three. Next is brown, which is gaining four points, and the blue-five. Pink ball - it's six points, and the last black brings seven points. Snooker table lined peculiar and unlike other billiard games. Front of the front board table is the line-beam parallel to this board, as well as a semi-circle, which determines the sector. The player can place the "cue" in one part of the sector or on its border, to make it blow. The first strike in snooker is from the sector. Any impact of a series of successful attacks, which do not lead to a fine and do not violate any of the rules, the game is aimed at a red ball. If a stroke has meant that the ball was in the pocket, it is considered effective stroke and the next target is already colored ball. During turns, bumps on color and red balls are alternated. As long as the game is played the red balls, color taken out of his pockets and exposed back on the field, according to the original location, but the red balls remain pocketed. If the red balls out of the game, then it's time to score all the color in the order of increasing points: first yellow, then green, brown, blue and pink and then, at the end of the black. A good player will be able to make progress by passing an opponent, "cue" is located on the field so that it was not possible to aim and effective blow. Today you have the opportunity to become a master of the cue and snooker online play at our virtual table, winning and set records.

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