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There is such a cartoon since the Soviet Union - "Umka". This little cartoon polar bear, living in the North Pole, discovers the world and make something interesting and new discoveries. Bear, which we now present you, quite similar to Umku, but his name no longer matches its habitat. Meet in front of you Snowball. He is very charming, curious and smiling bear. But his thirst for adventure has played a trick on him - he was lost and did not know where his home and mother. Looking for a way home, he encounters obstacles and enemies. His journey fraught with dangers that await him in the four mysterious and strange worlds, consisting of twenty-game stages. These worlds live entertaining, though tricky to create, to do everything possible to prevent our hero find a way to salvation. But Snow is not going to allow themselves to insult and bravely fought with them with snowballs. This is the main weapon of the bear, which justifies its name. Despite the fact that the snow is so pleasant, in the right hands it can be a dangerous weapon. Throwing an opponent with snowballs and hit him, a small ball into a huge snowball. As soon as the enemy was trapped in the snow, it is necessary to run up to the sky and strong kick. Declivity of the mountain, snow ball would shoot down monsters on your way, and they will turn into icicles and broken into pieces. If you delay, the snow just melted and the creature escapes. Frozen icicles on enemies and those who were buried in the snow, bring Sněžka points, and after a certain number of them, bear will receive large parcels that mean bonuses as a set of objects. Sometimes it will be an opportunity to develop a high speed, sometimes throwing clods of snow for long distances, and sometimes Snowball will become invincible. After completion of all stages of the game, Snow will have to come to grips with the main thug - Boss. It is much more difficult to win and easy snow clods not win. Playing games Snowball, you get to know him and get to know the world of snow with true friends of our hero. Our little bear is extremely versatile and many-sided. So, in the game "Snowball. Diner Dash, "he will take part in the contest for the title of best restaurant. To win, he must demonstrate their ability to cook and deft waiter. Treasure hunt in the other game, you will visit with him in the ancient pyramids of Egypt, which hides many traps and mazes. Only the brave of the brave will go through all the levels and leave the game with a victory. In the continuation of "Snowball. Treasure Hunter 2 ", resuming his travels to other countries, the brave white teddy bear go in search of archaeological treasures and face new dangers. The third part is in store for him at least test. Once in the old castle of the Knights, in addition to precious gems and gold, you will find it all kinds of ghosts that are configured quite unfriendly. Work in such conditions is quite difficult. Even if on some levels you will not find a single mind to get to the jewelry will have to solve various logic tasks. In the game "Snowball. Adventures in Space, "little bear will have to release from captivity and defeat the alien robots. In adventures on the islands during the game Snowball, will have to pass the mazes, but in the game "Snowball. Fish Patrol "to protect cats from the catch with your buddy - brown bears.

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