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Solitaire card game (with Fr. patience - patience that means) is designed for a single player. Despite the fact that its name comes from the French, the game itself is assumed to have the German or Scandinavian origin and is first mentioned at the end of XVIII century. David Parlett - Historian and researcher of various board games, claims that the pair were initially solitaire game, where each player plays a single deck. Today there are many options for solitaire. Some are quite simple and do not take up a lot of time, others require the player to patience and perseverance. Some solitaire games are always a winning result - when the cards are added. In more complex, we have to spend more than one hour for a solution, but did not come to a final successful combination. For successful completion of solitaire several factors play a role - that a player's skill to think analytically, and good luck with the cards. Solitaire - it stays for a favorite pastime and passion player. And very often resorted solitaire during divination. Even our great-great-great-grandmother loved the evening playing solitaire or tell fortunes with it. Such frequent use of paper maps led them into disrepair and required replacement. But today, the problem is solved, since the advent of computers, there were the first casual games as Solitaire, and the Internet has enhanced directory solitaire forever, giving the opportunity to play solitaire online. Solitaire has become a pioneer of the game "Solitaire" from Microsoft, which is absolutely free came with Windows, and has become quite popular. This is evidenced by statistics - from the time of its release, more than four million people play Solitaire. In an online casual game debuted in 1996. Among a number of other games present and card games, including solitaire. Today Solitaire into our lives so thoroughly that it is difficult to provide a single home or office computer, no matter where it was two or three puzzles. Solitaire game you can "casually", considering a new project, solving puzzles, pondering life situation, preparing dinner or just a break from the bustle at any time. Even business leaders sympathetic to the fifteen-minute break, the employee from work. After playing solitaire, a man does not relax completely and not lose morale. It only temporarily replaced by an activity that gives him a chance to rest and think about solutions to the problems at the gameplay. The practice shows that such a combination of business with pleasure, gives a very positive result. In Card Solitaire can be played in the office, at home or while on the bus, subway, train. Any trip can be tedious to brighten up, if you currently have a mobile phone or laptop. Since the first solitaires took a long time, and now every worshiper is an opportunity to expand your arsenal of favorite games, playing puzzles such as "Halloween," "Solitaire, Pyramid", "pirate", "Scarab", "Castle" "Klondike", "Three peaks of the Duchess," "Winx Club", and many others. On our site games online solitaire constantly updated, so check often to us more often and you will be pleasantly surprised by new, exciting options. In addition, we are pleased to inform you that you have the opportunity on our website to play solitaire online for free. Play solitaire on our website, well, we wish you a pleasant stay and emotions. Save to bookmark our page and play, no matter where you are, you can always easily get back to us.

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