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Back in 1998 the company, a manufacturer of video games, has presented us with a unique sonic game, which instantly became a favorite by many. Sonic games are so fascinated and captured the spirit of its special dynamism of the plot, which passed the first level, away from the game, it was simply impossible. Excellent graphical representation of sonic games broadcast in vivid and rich color shades. Nice music, interesting plot, and most importantly the protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog, which is all so loved. The entire plot of the game revolves around the emerald, with a powerful energy force that is to protect the brave Sonic with his friends from the evil Eggman, who wants to take over emerald in the self-serving use. It should describe the main character a little bit, because it is full entourage and courage. Bright blue hedgehog with green eyes in the game appears in red sneakers. His hair just touching, and his unique ability to navigate with particular speed, Sonic can always control the situation and be a real winner for the right cause. Of course, Sonic games online free kids can appreciate. Both girls and boys are happy to launch the game to play it on our site. Play Sonic is very interesting. It should be noted that all of the game is to build on the breakdown of the levels that need to get Sonic to save the emeralds. Thus in his adventures, he can move through the scenic and collect coins, bonus, bringing his score. Sonic the Hedgehog has a unique opportunity to develop their speed, so it is starting its motion, can pass the level of your choice with a particular acceleration. Do not forget that the acceleration is not always able to help the protagonist. Sometimes problems arise before him, the passage of which requires you to some ingenuity and perseverance, but, of course, experience. On our website you can also play games, Sonic 2, thereby further diversify your leisure. Note that in the game Sonic help of his best friends. Sonic is very easy to make friends, because it has a pleasant and friendly character, and his fearless is simply amazing. Sonic is the distinctive quality of his freedom-loving and longing for new adventures and vivid. Therefore, traveling with him, you will always be in tension of the game and new emotions. In games of Sonic the main hero has several lives. If you suddenly could not cope with the passing level, then you will have a unique opportunity to pass, but you take the life of Sonic. It so happens that in the game Sonic helps his best friend Echidna. It should be noted that subsequently, on the basis of the storyline of Sonic hedgehog comics have been released, which allowed to re-experience all the adventures and fascinating history. If you are a true fan of the bright and winding Sonic hedgehog, a rather run any application with the game and go in search of emeralds and a variety of bonus coins.

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