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Most of us know and remember the era of consoles, when millions of people were cut hours from your favorite video games Dendy or Sega. Of course, now most of the game is played on a computer, but your favorite childhood game characters are still alive in our memory. But now you have a wonderful opportunity to remember his childhood, and play again, in these great games. For example, it is necessary to play the game Sonic X, and it can be done on our website! It is worth mentioning that the Sonic hedgehog is the name of which we first saw in 1991 in the popular game "Sonic the Hedgehog", which played the happy owners of consoles Sega. Since that's already far it remains one of the most famous characters. But the game turned into a classic console games. Sonic the Hedgehog character was so funny that he soon became the company's gaming brand SEGA. He became the chief mascot-top boxes, as well as the Elephant from the Dendy. He soon became such a recognizable and popular that Sonic the Hedgehog came out of the gaming industry and became a hero comics, cartoons, and even some feature films! In Sonic X Games Online play may not only those who in childhood was difficult to detach from the console SEGA. It can play anyone, even those who only found out about Sonic today. The game will hook even modern gamers are accustomed to the games designed for the latest technology, with great graphics and storyline, no worse than modern films. And those people who played the game Sonic X in childhood, remember those carefree evenings game console when it was not necessary to think seriously about the work or the educational activity. All my kids were allowed unlimited power in these great games. Note that Sonic games are not useless. They allow you to develop a quick response and quick thinking and learn to make decisions. The game's plot is that the hedgehog travels through different worlds, where he has to contend with terrible monsters. But with you it will necessarily take place all the difficulties, and no monsters will not be afraid of him! Sonic Games - is not only playing with the old consoles Sega. Modern developers from time to time produce a completely new game with the adventures of everyone's favorite Hedgehog Sonic! And if in 90 years people have played on consoles cheerful Hedgehog Sega MegaDrive, Play Station ONE or Nintendo NES Dendy, but now it is played on the device, iPhone or Tablet PC iPad, or other modern devices. You can play it on our site! Changing technology, but Sonic X is always the same cheerful character who gives us all a huge positive!

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