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In Soviet times, all the boys dreamed of becoming astronauts when they grow up. Some were able to do this, but for many, it had remained just a childish thought. Only those who wanted it for real, and not because it was the "right" will, saw the planet Earth through the porthole of a spaceship. Thanks to them, we also know what it looks like - slightly elongated ellipse-like blueberries. The astronauts went into space and set foot on the moon. On spacecraft performed various laboratory experiments and even grown crops, but it is over. Today, you want something more, to be able to once again surprised. Even contact with the aliens we now seem commonplace, but not proven for sure. Despite the progress in space exploration, people moving in his study of small steps. Only fiction gives us the opportunity to marvel at and make a discovery. Suppose it is just someone's imagination, but in practice, science fiction are leading scientists, paving the way and pushing them to discovery. Meanwhile, professors and writers competing imaginations, we can use some of their ideas and have fun watching movies and cartoons, comics, and playing online games space. Cult fiction epic saga "Star Wars", American director George Lucas, was conceived more 1970s. She later gained such popularity that has created a number of side effects. People united in fan clubs and arranged role reconstruction, and in the film, a new sub-genre of science fiction. Next is even more interesting - the popularity of the saga was the reason for the name of the U.S. government program (SDI - Star Wars). SDI - a program for the development of large-scale missile defense system with space-based and is designed to protect American territory from attack by the cosmos. To confirm the popularity of the space theme, we should also mention another interesting facts. Taking as a basis the scene of the film "Star Wars", was developed style of fencing - saberfayting. And there is a new religious trend, called "dzhedaizm." Therefore, space games online does not seem to be unclaimed, and interest has not abated. In fact, the Space theme created quite a few games, and they all offer their own line of conduct. You can choose a role of space trader, pirate or warrior. Selected your character, you can see all available to you in the game and the possibility of what ships you suggested - it all depends on the chosen hero. You can control mine or missile trawler, laser sniper or research vessel. You will plunge into a world where you are waiting for an exciting battle at the head of his own fleet, the economic strategy, where a profitable trade can raise the level of your planet, and more. You can create your own planet and develop it to a higher level, making it central to the system. Scientists, military and other services will be at your command. Build your own empire and make it the way you want. Develop combat power, build alliances and space cruisers, trade - all this will contribute to your development. Ships of the game - it's a lot of campaigns and opportunities to develop the game in different ways. Become the captain of the Galaxy and to subordinate its space power. Now you can!

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