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Series title game gave the novel by the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic ". In this novel, called stalkers risky guys who went to the strictly protected zone of visiting forces, formed after the visit of an alien spaceship. The zone was deadly, but it did not stop stalkers. In what became known as the zone of areas contaminated with radioactive substances, got there after the accident at the nuclear power station. The zone, strange and terrible things. But still are willing to risk their lives: in fact, entering the reactor, we can think of to be desired and it is true. More precisely, even without any desire, and the innermost. Therefore, in the last stages of the game stalker awaits difficult test - the test of temptation. Can he carry his desire through all temptations - depends on the outcome of the game and even the fate of the zone itself. Besides dreams, Zone became a source of profit for entire hordes of adventurers. Of course, the book Strugatsky, the game has nothing in common except the name and the idea of ​​the Zone. Now comes a lot of books, united by the idea, plots of which form the various versions of the game Stalker. It is the presence of small flash - games that do not require installation, allow a stalker to play online for free. These small games, despite the crippled plot, retain the unique atmosphere of the big game and in a way very exciting. In general, there are many versions of the Stalker. Many of these atmospheric, colorful, with rapid development. As already mentioned, all these games share a common story. The man tried to subdue the atom. The result was a disaster on a planetary scale - so there was a zone. In the Zone is not so in the ordinary world. There are not the usual physical laws, ordinary objects become deadly, so-called artifacts. Area inhabited by strange and dangerous creatures, mutants. You can even mutate itself, once for the source of radiation or mutagenic infected by an unknown virus. Dangerous not only to the inhabitants of the Zone, but also the various charlatans who seek to make the artifacts in order to make it an instrument of mass murder and terror. But not all stalkers are evil - many are in the name of science, because it is necessary to explore the zone, to stop, to prevent spread longer, destroying everything in its path. Whatever path you did not choose - the noble goal of personal gain or the way - you're a stalker. Entering the game, you're pretty poschekochesh their nerves, okuneshsya to the world of the Zone, the world the terrible and attractive soaked mysteries and dangers.

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Stalker games free online

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