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Among computer games sometimes, there are some that seem difficult to attribute to a particular category. Tolley is a sports game, felts on the accuracy, agility, reaction and logic. But they seem to us to be very exciting and gambling. However, if you look closely at them, you will always find something in common that unites them and characterized. That such products are free online games to run on the range. At the same time, they can get to other sections that will also be logical. Launch missiles, shot from a pistol or bow: it's the game or start shooting on the range? In fact, these games can be attributed to one and the other genre. Flash games running on the range presented in a rather wide range. Very famous and beloved by many a game of evil birdies are delighted and takes long hours, not only children's audience gamers, but quite respectable people, who occasionally interrupts to enjoy the destructive capabilities of colored birds. Smeshariki now become "zapuskarikami" and also compete in altitude. In many games, in addition to the main objective, which is in range, will have to make in the course of other jobs - collect items, bring them down or avoid obstacles. All this is recorded and displayed in the number of bonus points that guarantee additional capacity and a shift to a new level. Often have to consider not only the strength of the tension, but other options that accompany the direction and speed of movement, and it is almost a physicist. In fact, in life, we often have to deal with these calculations, we do not even notice as they become accustomed to them and accept as part of life. In sports such calculations are also an essential condition for victory. To push the core to throw the disc, shoot a bow or rifle, throw a hex on target and the long distance and the necessary enabling environment, the correct calculation of thrust force and angle. Running for distance games are not only entertaining, but also teach players the skills necessary parameters for the calculation of the successful achievement of goals. This does not mean that you have to make a notebook with a pen to write and calculate complex formulas. All that you do, like the acquisition of practical skills in the game, fun way. Having made a few bad shots, you slowly groped exactly the position that is most favorable for making a successful start of the object distance. In these games, you will meet many familiar characters, which now will be with you to actively participate in the gameplay. Yeti will throw mischievous penguins, trying to get them to the target, and you will become a partner. This bully often appears in different genres, but it seems that he was particularly prefer to mock the poor penguins. In games you wait zombies, flying saucers, witch on a broomstick, Flintstones family of the Stone Age, Ice Age mammoth flying goblins, mad beavers, Santa, Super Mario, comic book heroes and many others. Despite the simplicity of the story lines and the plainness of the gameplay, this area of ​​the genre has its audience, which is growing as people dating with these games. They pretty easy to get carried away, but come off pretty hard. In words is difficult to convey the full range of emotions that arise during the game. That is why we invite you to testing and to discover a new genre.

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