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In this section, we suggest you to play the star wars game, based on the basis of an epic, fantastic saga, conceived by U.S. director George Lucas in the early 1970s, as well as games that are still on the subject of the story, although the plot does not apply to her. All games in this series belong to the genre action adventure or action. Speaking of video games, which echoes through the story with a series of films, here we can see a long list. Only in the first episode - "The Phantom Menace", we can count five editions of games, and they all came out with a small time interval, from 1999 to 2000. The following are the episodes from the second to the sixth: "Attack of the Clones - ep. II, "" Revenge of the Sith - ep. III "," A New Hope - ep. IV, "" The Empire Strikes Back - ep. V »,« Return of the Jedi - ep VI ». And, like the movies, they went in a different order in which the alternate. In games, you will meet familiar characters, as you can play by selecting one of them myself as a controllable character: Qui-Gon Jinn, Padme Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Captain Panaka and others. Will also be able to choose the type of weapons and tactics. Plot computer versions is a lot like the film, and in some cases there is a detailed description of the events that it is quite possible there would be omitted. The player will fight in the battle for the Jedi blaster, move into the location, pass the levels and more. World of Star Wars is also a space simulator with the possibility of piloting different intergalactic ships: fighters, bombers, interceptors, Imperial ships and heavy armored ships - assault gunboats. All games can be traced its own, unique story, and the player can choose the side, which will be a hero and to be administered. As in any action movie, you have to go through a lot of missions and learn the tactics of warfare. Apart from the official series of Star Wars, created many clones that are repeated message of the film, and therefore belong to the series' game Star Wars. " This Action with weapons and war starships to conquer galaxies and star systems. Master Yoda with his lightsaber to fight the enemies and, of course, win. Will be terrible and bloodthirsty killer Jedi, but you have to play in his appearance. Letalok many shooters and intertwined in one genre and, now, you will fly a spaceship, breaking through stardust and shields asteroids. Selecting, in which version of Star Wars to play, you choose a different way of achieving mastery of the universe. Space fans of the genre will not be left unsatisfied, because even the young players who may not be familiar with the iconic Star Wars saga, will be able to discover something new. Those who know the story will be particularly pleased to get acquainted with its computer interpretation. Stars have always attracted people to him. Their magical shimmer draws, but never reveals his secrets to the end. Getting acquainted with computer games space, we only fantasize on "How could that be," but no one knows for sure that the secrets stored in centuries and outside of our system. So why not create your own story, playing such great games like Star Wars? The more so that the beginning of the story we already know, and the rest is easy to think of. Become one of the heroes of the world Star Wars, to write a new star legend.

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