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We have become accustomed to the super heroes who save the world or destroy its fragile existence. Comics, animated films and computer games are broadcast to us from all sides of the incredible abilities of characters. We used to see them saved, but their appearance is not particularly very different from each other. When we see something "super", which stands out from the usual total picture, it immediately attracts attention and a desire to learn a new hero closer. One of the representatives of such extraordinary specimens super heroic world is super cow. Endow animals human qualities come up a long time and we have to admit that it is quite a lucky find, as it gave the representatives of the animal world and makes some comic treat them in a very different light. Looking like a peacefully grazing on a green meadow spotted Burenka, even thought there is this animal, totally devoid of grace can become something more than a source of dairy products. But once someone comes up with the idea - "why not?". And now we can super cow games online to play. Supplying cow fighting qualities, its creators have tried to invest in its new image not only super power, but also gave the plasticity, and the game a sense of humor. Now that we have a super cow, there is no fear for his safety, because she won this title on purpose. Once mad professor escaped from prison where he was serving a life sentence for that once attacked the farm and captured all of its settlement with the aim of creating animal clones. Our police are not always carefully protects us, and that's why there are super heroes. Our Burenka also did not wait for justice from the side, and began to do good own hooves. During the game super cow, you will perform all sorts of tasks, and perform various actions. Our cow does not give relax you or criminals. Wearing a super coat, it will soar in the clouds petrel, and woe to those who would encroach on its new title. For such a cow and milk probably be super. If only to try and get too heroic power! And perhaps in the village at your grandmother is a cow? Recommended drink every day for a cup of milk, and then you too will be a super power. And while you're not around, our cow flying over the pond, and not knowing what to do with his super stocks of milk, fish shoots them, practicing accuracy. Sometimes, when the whole farm is put to sleep, and no one caught a cow for her classes, she puts on the boxing gloves and suits in a stable real fights. Perhaps you find it hard to believe, but to dispel the doubts start to play in the Super cow, and you find more than one of her secret. By the way, if you do not know, then you have the opportunity to super cow play online for free on our Web site, and it is absolutely true. If you have suddenly gone bad mood, play with super cow, where humor splashed over the edge and your mood instantly recover. This will never be disheartened Burenka knows his business and good use of the acquired skills. She's such a jumping, which can easily get the subject even at high altitude. And if you put a hoof to the head of the enemy, that just will not find it. Its true strength can also hide, and to raise the scale of her life, collect bonuses and restored. Collect clues, overcome mazes and defeat enemies with super cow. As a new player to the game super cow, you too will become great!

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Super Cow free games online

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