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The theme of this column is dedicated to those who say they are a shopaholic and can not sleep until you buy a vending eve fancy little thing. Even if similar things have accumulated a great many, and already very surprised when he was in the closet with a brand new shirt label, about which I forgot and did not dress up, but as soon as the field of view gets something incredibly stunning, hand goes to the purse itself . And now you are the owner of the twentieth account new clothes, not the fact that there ever will be wearing. The same goes for jewelry, handbags, belts and straps, scarves and handkerchiefs, shoes, sandals, high overshoes, socks and cosmetics. Consumer itching lives in each of the women. Some of it can control, others do it with great difficulty, and some of yourself and do not try to hold back, wiping the counters everything. These consumers are willing to live among the store shelves and enjoy every purchase. If you feel the need to buy, buy, buy, and again, we invite you to the supermarket mania play online. This series of games will allow you to let go of your desire for the purchase and enjoy shopping in the different departments of the store. Stroll through the jewelry department, remeasure all the shoes and select the one most appropriate for you, look in the upper branch of the clothing and underwear, and finally go to the cosmetics and perfumery. That's where the truly feminine kingdom! In the same section you will find games that will send you on the other side of the rack and now you'll have to arrange items on the shelves, to please customers and cute smile. These games include and economic strategy, and a simulator vendor. Handing over his role buyer, you will know that the seller feels when facing by aggressive buyers. This situation will allow you to understand the other side and the next time will keep the flash from unjustified anger or intent to throw garbage on the floor. Supermarket Mania teen build your own business, like those players who feel a vein entrepreneur. Build and develop a network of stores, converting them from humble stalls in real competition to large companies - that's your goal and objective. More and more companies were once beginners beginners with a small profit. But over time, concluding bargains and reasonably investing in the business, they were able to succeed and make a name in the world of commerce. Earning money first, buy interesting products, Mechanize showroom, hire staff to protect the store from thieves and cleaner, perform fire fighting systems. Try to make sure that the shelves are always a commodity, and customers were happy. What a beautiful and convenient to your store, the more and more diverse in its product is, the more customers you have, and thus profits. Try to serve customers quickly. Gone are the days when people became queue in order and waited patiently for them to get nasty. Today, all three people already unacceptable. All in a hurry, and no one wants to wait until you deign to "sail" and learn "human need?". Remember that you have a complete competitors that and waiting for you to go bankrupt, and they will be able to take your territory. As you know, supermarket mania play online - it's great. Before you open up different possibilities. You can become a finicky buyer or seller of a patient, and you can build your business. These games are designed to entertain and teach you the skills the economy.

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Supermarket Mania game free online

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