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As you know, tamogochi - is a virtual pet. This pocket-sized game was invented in the 90s in Japan and has become very popular not only there but in our country. In the game called Tamagotchi you have to care for a pet that requires care and live their lives. Virtual pet to feed, drink, put down, and if he suddenly falls ill, it must be treated. This game is very pleasant to those kids who love pets, but for some reason the parents do not allow them to start. Now to play this game do not need to buy a pocket console. Tamagotchi can play online on our website, where you can do it for free. Today the word Tamagotchi came to mean not only a virtual pet toy, but any game that was created on the basis of Tamagotchi. Therefore, in some of these games will have to babysit a small child or even twins! Also, the heroes of these games can be any pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots and pigeons. Such games can not only create and nurture your own pet, but you can name it, feed it and water, and, of course, take care of him. Also, for some animals are hair salons or beauty salons, where you want to wear beautiful clothes in the little animals or do her hair. These games also allow you to take care of the good animals. Tamagotchi games are one of the most popular pre-school children and junior children. Playing such games, the child is not only pleasant to spend time, but at least partially realizes his dream of a real pet. Just imagine how nice it is, get a little animal, who knows nothing at all. Moreover, you can choose a name and select the color and the color of his eyes. After that it will need to educate, feed, water, combing and teach a variety of interesting and useful things. These games will lift your mood and will spend your free time. Some of these games allows you to choose not only the animals to which we are accustomed to, but some of the forest and the fairy-tale characters. Some games also allow you to organize the work of a shelter for the animals, save the rare animals, or, for example, to take custody of the monkey! In general, the games on our web site allows a great deal, and everyone is sure to find a game that he will be like!

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