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Many of us remember the wonderful game on the console Dandy, which in small tanks, it was necessary to defend your base and fight against enemy tanks. This game of Russian-language version called "Tank Battle" and was made up of 100 levels. Those people who already play this game, know that the game is very addictive. The game should not just fight, but also to upgrade its own tank, collect various bonuses, which help to complete the level. For such a fun activity time flies by. However, the "Tank Battle" released quite a long time, and the game is outdated in the sense that modern games allow you to create a more realistic graphics and storyline. We're glad you are happy. The new version of your favorite games from my childhood! Tanks Game online, you can play on our site are much more interesting and exciting. In the new game was added so many new features. It was also designed modern graphics. Tanks play online for free, which already had many fans' tanchikov "gives just an incredible opportunity, which could not even dream of lovers consoles Dandy. Play games online tanks can be not only to computer tanks, but with the same real people, just like you. Each player can create your own from scratch the tank, and during the game to improve and modernize it. You can change it beyond recognition, creating the most powerful and versatile of all the tank. You can install it on new weapons with even greater power to paint the tank in a different color, to strengthen the armor and make dozens of other interesting things. However, those who already know how to play well tanks online free, know that even with the best tank can not win without the right tactics. That is correct tactics game - the key to success! We also note a possible career in the game, which consists of twenty-seven levels. For the heroic deeds you can get a military rank. The most senior rank in the game - it is the marshal, which can be obtained for a large number of feats, destroyed enemies and saved his comrades during the battle. In tanki online you can play as one, and the whole team. Therefore, such a game - a great way to join friends in one team, to work with the team tactics of battle and win the war! The new version of the old game has received numerous positive reviews not only from gamers, but also from critics. Rate this game and you. You can now start to play it on our site and get maximum enjoyment from it!

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