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Virtual games are very different. With their help, you can visit many interesting places, you can try on different roles that are not available to you in real life, the fight with the most dangerous enemies, or to visit the most magical places. Or maybe you dream of driving a car, but do not have such a possibility in real life. Virtual games provide you with a chance. There are many simulation games, where you can feel the wheel of any car. Ride on different tracks, and even take part in racing. There is another kind of games with cars. This game taxis. All we often use the services of a taxi. But I never thought about, and how to be a taxi driver, go to the order at any appointed time and place, be responsible for passengers and for the fact that they were delivered on time to your destination. In games, a taxi, you can become a real taxi driver and try to imagine all the delights and burdens of this work. At first glance it may seem that big deal in this work do not. And many people think so. Try to play the game a taxi and see how it feels to be a taxi driver in itself, actually. Able for the minimum amount of time to deliver the passenger to the destination. But still intact, because every taxi driver is responsible for its passengers. To overcome the many traffic jams, a variety of obstacles, pass difficult route. You need to be truly virtuous driver. In the taxi to the games you can handle the passengers, or you need to look for them yourself. Before you can be challenged to deliver passengers to the appointed place, you will need to pass through a very difficult road, and while your passengers must remain intact and be happy with the trip, as well as your car after a trip to be safe and sound. Also in these games you have to carry passengers at a time. You will need a specified amount of time required to deliver a passenger in his place. From how you're a good driver, how well will choose expensive and can quickly go, depends on, could you at your destination the passenger to the correct time. But time may be very small, and the road can be quite neblizky. Experience the life of this taxi driver with a taxi games. It's unpretentious and very funny game, playing in which you spend time with interest and good humor, get a load of positive emotions and be able to relax.

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