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Most likely, every Russian person familiar with the game Tetris, it's one of the most famous and popular games of all time, and it was invented in our country. Made it a programmer of the USSR, whose name was Alexei Leonidovich Pajitnov. This game has become a real symbol of the 90s of last century, because then it was played almost everything. Tetris to play for free which can be on our site, remains popular to this day. This is the real foundation of the game space. Many of our countrymen, this game is remembered as a great handheld console from unknown manufacturers in China, with a monochrome screen and yellow buttons. In this console played the whole family, from the smallest child to adult office workers are specially found free time in the day to escape from work cases. Now you can play Tetris for free on the computer. The rules of this game is very simple. Fall on the playing field a variety of geometric shapes that can be of various shapes and sizes. Need to put figures on the playing field so that it formed the horizontal lines of the figures without free cells. If you were able to lay a continuous line from one border to another, then this line is destroyed, and the lines, where there are free cells - remain. Thus, it is necessary to score points by lines harvested. The game ends when the field will remain places of figures. Tetris game online for free, you can play with us, the experts recognize one of the most brilliant games ever. It is difficult not to agree, because all brilliant - easy! It would seem that this is a very simple and banal game, but it is simply impossible to break away. With the development of the Internet to play Tetris game that can be online, and became popular in the virtual space. People started to play Tetris online and at the computer and do it more often than previously played on consoles. This is not surprising, as the game became much more accessible: many play it, not only on PCs but also on mobile phones, tablet, PDA ... It is very convenient and you can escape in the subway, bus stops, or in a cafe, when someone then you wait. They also invented other versions of the game. Most of all, the essence remains the same, but the design is changed frequently, and change the speed of movement of shapes and color. Above all, a good game develops logical thinking. In the course of the game need to build a logically correct figures, to leave no excess of cells, which then is difficult to close. Enjoy the game!

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