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All games in the series of three online (English the name of the Match 3 Games) is a logical game, where the process is built on a build order and move the pieces so that they turned into a single chain of 3 or more images in a row. If the items delivered correctly, they are lost, bringing the score playing, and additional opportunities in the form of support bonuses. The more a chain, the greater the number of points earns a player. The destruction of the special shape also brings the player an additional bonus point. The process of online games in the series of three takes place within the time during which a person should try to catch or destroy all the shapes on the field, either dial the required number of points. If a player is unable to cope with the job and do not have time to complete the task, not a past stage game begins anew. These games are quite extensive, focused on any preference and age category. They come in different levels of difficulty and genre categories. You will have to move blocks or destroy the glass chips, marble floors, or blow up the chain links cut with an ax. Some bonus items can break down all of the same type of chips in the field of play at the time, as lightning destroyed a number of the most difficult. To build all the chips in a single chain, they must move the computer mouse in italics, and change places. The youngest players to play the fruit, small animals, suns and stars, smiley face, hearts, the elements of nature, the inhabitants of the fauna. Will be an exciting fun in a hidden treasure, where, in the form of figures will appear in different colors precious, sparkling gems, and each level the game will move to the wild, pirate caves, islands, or villains. More mature gamers will be able to go camping in remote countries and continents, to become rulers, see the ancient pyramid civilizations sunk over the centuries, defeating evil wizards to build its own law in Hellas, to rebuild the city of Zeus, and so on. Such a wide variety of topics makes the game interesting for both of males and girlish audience. With each successive stage of the game three in a row is modified and becomes more difficult, but this is more than gambling. Some figures will be closed for the masonry or iron fetters, and to destroy them, you'll need those earned points that you gathered points dobudete due at the earlier stages of the game. Games three in a row waking logic and reaction time. This exciting game where the skills needed for further progress in prediction and the ability to make rational use of tried and tested bonuses. Gameplay with the mouse the computer, and each new level comes with musical accompaniment, the appropriate category game. These games are great for fun during a brief break between workflows. They do not relax, and support brain activity in a tone and it does not interfere with the vital issues to ponder. They are adapted to all the digital media, where there is an opportunity to indulge in games of different directions, so have fun with them available not only in the office and at home, but also on the road for work, study and travel. They are very good at the role of leisure, recreation and maintenance of a tone at a high level of thinking. Choose for your leisure time the most exciting online games in the series of three on your favorite site, play themselves and do not forget to share the link with your friends.

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