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Play free flash games every day defense of the castle. The best defense of the castle flash games on our site for all fans of online games!

Often, the defense - it's more complicated matter than even the attack. That is why there is a collection of flash games protection of the castle, where you have to protect a variety of objects from different historical eras. Some games will need to protect the medieval castle of the knights and fire arrows, and some games will have to defend a military base on the future of flying saucers, and a futuristic army of robots. Protect the castle flash game - a special category of games where the main goal will be the protection of certain areas, and the player will lead the troops of archers, knights and other warriors to save the castle or fortress against invading enemies and defeat unfriendly units. If the flash game is a defense of the military base, is at your disposal, is likely to be equipped with a modern soldier and the latest equipment for active opposition to the enemy, which will also be armed and equipped with sophisticated weapons, and they would be willing to do anything to seize your property . Fans of the game online protection of the castle celebrate the fact that playing such games people, completely plunge into the atmosphere, in which the plot of the game. If this is the Middle Ages, then you will experience heavy battles where soldiers had without firearms to defend the castle from the various attempts on the part of a huge number of neighboring knights. Now, this feeling will be available to every internet user to monitor your own computer. You do not need armor, Warhorse, and the crossbow to defend the castle. You only need a computer with Internet and a browser. If you have to protect the base, then you are totally dive into atmosphere of modern military battles, with modern weapons, which if desired can destroy half of the vast country. Of course, that the victories in the game Tower Defence, you must have a good strategic thinking. Such games of the big world of strategies, which, however, became one of its varieties. Games where you need to defend themselves, are able to prolong the very first minutes of the game, and do not let go of a few hours, although in most cases, these games are pretty simple. As practice shows, the protection of the castle - this is a very exciting process, so it has so many fans. Thousands of people every day coming to our site in order to play this wonderful game, which among other things, are absolutely free and require no additional software installation on your computer.

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