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As often happens, the movies and cartoons become parents of computer games. Transformers 2 games also have their ancestors in the form of the movie "Transformers 2." Deseptekony led by Megatron decided to attack the sleeping city. It is your task is to place the army as to block enemy Transformers all the approaches to it. Your robots are equipped with a powerful weapon with a different radius. If you place them correctly, you will protect strategic facilities from attack and destroy the aggressor that on the approach to them. Transformers have no worse enemy, so try to be a good tactician. Forearms aggressor visible display to the level of their lives. As long as it is green, they move and deal a blow to your objects, but when their defense is completely broken, it turns red, and the robots fail. Gradually, the enemy will increase their combat power, releasing the battlefield more powerful and well-armed robot with the armor. Their population will also rise. However, you will not remain the same and will soon be able to stand against the enemy soldiers raised their iron ognemoschi. You can see how great the power of your robot, point at it with the mouse and bottom on the left side will be able to see their options. Game Transformers 3 continues the idea of ​​the blockbuster "Transformers. Side of the Moon. " See these war machines that can evolve with incredible dexterity, taking a whole new look, you can, if you make a puzzle. Collecting mosaic, you will discover the transformers of different models, and they all look monumental. These images are so detailed and believable drawn that it seems realistic, as if giant robots just waiting for this moment to get away from the pictures and go in search of war. Fans of the genre "I'm looking for" and "hidden object", can combine their passion for Transformers and love for jobs on mindfulness. Against the background of transformer hidden all sorts of objects, and your job is to find them. Whatever you find, you will see at the bottom of the playing field. Nearby, you will see a timer that counts down the time you spend for. After gathering all the details on one level, you move to the next. Now you see a new car and a set of unknown objects. Sometimes there are funny stories. For example, in one game you will control a transformer at the bottom of the sea with the help of pilot-fish. Since transformers are created as military equipment, they will fight, shoot and jump. With the help of online games Transformers 2, you can arrange a real massacre of robots in the city center. You do not even pay a fine, because such a massive onslaught of hard to resist. Here are just some of the buildings will have to sacrifice - they will fall during melee combat transformers. But sometimes even the robots are in trouble. After the nuclear war robots have suffered and now they are trying to survive at any cost. Once broken into two halves - top and bottom, one of the robots looking for a way to rescue and recovery. Play Transformers especially liking boys of all ages. They love to shoot and to war. Powerful machines are also their passion, and to combine both passions into one, will help the game of Transformers. To become one of the menacing soldiers control giant robots, you need to join the army of fans of this genre of games and start playing games online transformers just now on our web resource.

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