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Invented fictional universe Warcraft series of computer games and has become so popular that it was continued later in the card game, board games, comic books, books, and logos for T-shirts, hats, mouse pads, and other products. The player is immersed in the fantasy lives and develops in the human world, wizards, orcs, fairies, druids, dragons, and other characters. World of Warcraft and similar games in the same genre, most often referred to as a global role-based multiplayer online games, that is mmorpg. Simultaneously, tens, hundreds or thousands of players participating in the game, interacting with each other and the surrounding game environment. Much more interesting to play Warcraft online while on the Internet, but you can not connect a single game. In the universe of Warcraft is a confrontation with the Alliance and Horde to fight the dragon Deathwing, the Scourge, the Burning Legion and others who threaten Azeroth - the world of magic and sword. On his lands are all kinds of races and cultures that have their chiefs and kings. Some nations are bound by ties of friendship millennia and others are bitter enemies. Neither is an existing power can not be compared with those of its destructiveness that saps the strength of Azeroth from the outside and the inside. The Old Gods are collected and managed by an army of terror to break upon the world and crush it. Pure evil leads the legions of the dead rebels, eager chaos and destruction of all life. Is only slightly into the world of Warcraft, and you will feel like a full citizen of the universe, for which worried, worried and protected. Soon, you will find new friends, and you will fight together against the forces of evil. Incredible events await you at every turn fantasy world. You can fight for the Horde or Alliance and conquer the World of Warcraft. After selecting your character, you will develop it, getting new skills, abilities and knowledge. He will occasionally accumulate or lose mountains of gold and participate in thousands of tests and a lot of battles. All kinds of weapons, artifacts, magic items, armor, and other available items waiting for you to find a use for them. The higher the level of your character, the more opportunities you have in the game. All new settings are automatically saved and at some point, leaving your character, you can always go back to it and find the same form. He can wait for your return forever. It is also possible to develop with the speed at which you are more comfortable. Some prefer rushing game, others slowly walk through the world, looking at every corner. Also, you have access to create several characters of different races and get varied experience. While traveling through the virtual World of Warcraft, you can get a truly indescribable experience. Nature is striking in its diversity of landscapes and replaced almost immediately. In this case, you will not see a reboot, but just vplyvete in a new environment. Volumetric detail traced graphics strikingly meticulous in the details. Yes, and other points of the game at a high level and are commendable. This popularity of the genre has led to the fact that on this basis began to create similar games, and now play Warcraft online you can on our web resource, getting to know the subject better. An entire category of plots similar offers to evaluate their options and the complexity of the passage. Here you can learn about new ideas and find out what is this mysterious world of Warcraft.

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