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If you sleep and see yourself brave generals, colonels, or Field Marshal, if dismantle their plastic machines without looking if a slingshot to shoot accurately in the yard, then you have to revive the spirit of governors and games for boys voynushki have been created especially for you. Only you will be able to calm them strelyatelno-fusing itching and prove to all enemies that let you and one in the field, but the warrior is the one! And that no one was left in doubt (if someone else has), an arsenal of military equipment and weapons waiting for you to spend its revision and armed to the teeth. Just imagine - you're standing all such militant with a bazooka at the ready, chest crossed machine gun belt on the hips for a heavy gun, knives, boots, shin, behind a machine gun, camouflage face paint. If you picture the grin on the face of terrible, you are not only the enemies run away, but their will to fear. And it does not matter that from so many weapons on the body in life you do not even come off the ground, after all the games you menacing macho! Although tactical shooters, which are also called simulators soldier still hold the cash limit on the number of weapons. You can play online voynushki in the combat unit, developing a joint plan of attack or defense. In these games, the events are close to realistic and to achieve a certain level of a unit, you need to perform tasks successfully solve problems, develop his character, to receive honors and awards. But you can fight with a smile and do not bathe on compliance conventions and rules. Who said that the tank is not the enemy plane? You try it, and will understand that in computer games better on aircraft tanks do not fly. The main thing in games voynushka not believable, and the process. Won two hedgehogs clashed in a life-and-death. Needles sharpened, teeth bared, and ... it is better not to look at a sea of ​​blood. Avatars - these sweet, kind, smiling faces that we used to have a final letter became militant koloboks and went in earnest. They are firing at each other with machine guns so that the brains fly away. And there in the distance armed horsemen are going to attack. And these riders are somewhat unusual. Oh, that's it! It turns out that they saddled dinosaurs, and better step aside from their path. The war of shadows, monsters, goblins, beetles, gangsters, money, and viruses - it's a modest list of the games that are in this genre. You can take part in the war against Osama bin Laden, a rocket ride and fight with aliens, fight with Super Mario in the deep waters, to take the fight at the border or in a working office, become a military driver or one of the vagrants and participate in a street war. Can you spin the love carrots to the pretty nurses and kissing her in the time over your heads: bullets and exploding shells. The historical theme of the Middle Ages is also not uncommon in games voynushka. Wielding a catapult, battering ram, onions and other old devices, you are capturing castles, kill dragons, and possibly save princesses. Without female beauty does not do any one war, so take heart - it is stained with gunpowder dress, will not find it. But for those who have a weapon causing panic, invented quite peaceful shooting paint. Playing paintball, you will create a new color around the world who themselves with these paints and fill. And if you dare to something else, arrows Robin Hood stand out in the corner and wait for you.

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