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Most of the stronger half of humanity simply can not do without the shootings, car chases and fights. Probably most of the boys at the genetic level are warriors and breadwinners, no matter what time they live. It just so happened historically. Today we can see this on the example of online games war. These games just love all the boys, especially those who are interested in history, because they allow you to experience the atmosphere of medieval warfare, to become a powerful knight rescuing his beloved from the enemy, or a brave musketeer, or a hero of the Great Patriotic War. Such games can not only be an ordinary soldier on the battlefield and the commander in chief to follow orders. Can this be commander in chief himself, and will be at your disposal a whole army. However, in this case you need to have the strategic skills and be able to control this army. Otherwise the enemy will gain the victory over you. But where else can you learn to control the army, but on our website, where you can play games about the war, and be compared with an enemy force of the enemy. Especially popular are the games about World War II, where it is necessary to defeat the fascist army under the command of Adolf Hitler. People interested in history, know what this war was the bloodiest war in human history, and achieve victory for our people and our allies have been very difficult. Do not think that you will be easy to achieve victory in a virtual computer wars. Games of World War II are among the most difficult games in the modern gaming industry. Also very popular are the games about the war of the future. Very fun to play in the war, in which not only tanks and planes, but also flying saucers, rockets, destroying the powerful weapons that are markedly different even from modern technology. If you watched films of George Lucas' "Star Wars", then some, you can imagine how the game looks about the war in another galaxy, where a huge number of different races and nations, and thousands of varieties of weapons, and civilization has gone far ahead in technological development. It's always interesting to look into a possible future, and to plunge into the alluring world of the stars and the cosmos. In addition, always interested to know if you happen to capture an entire galaxy? Reply to this question only if you play in the Games on our site, which is absolutely free and require no additional software installation on your computer.

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