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Even if the girl is talking with their peers at the pigtails jerking and pushing back, they all secretly dream of a handsome prince. Any girl waiting for love and the only one that will take care of it gallantly, make romantic gifts, languid sigh with a glance at his beloved, reading her poetry in the moonlight, and a myriad of stars, holding the hand and look for the reflection in her eyes. And perhaps, the young heart has already found that, for the sake of which knocks louder than usual, and who are willing to devote their entire lives, and the children's dreams are already planning a future wedding, mentally picking an outfit for herself and the groom, wedding hall decorating paraphernalia, music and other necessary items. Well, in that case, wedding dress up games appeal to you in handy. In them you can let your imagination and find a unique outfit for the bride and groom for her. Many games offer you the options of how beautiful and festive organize such an important event for every girl. Computer games combined the styles of wedding dresses from designers all over the world, and you can use their ideas to create your own costume. You can combine different items toilets, the suspension on the leg of the bride to the bridal veil - so necessary and inherent part of attire. The dress and veil may be variants - and not very lush, long and short, provocative, embroidered beaded or simple but elegant style. Instead of a traditional veil can try a small cap, which will be moved smartly to his side and decorated with boutonniere. Pay attention to the wide selection of jewelry. Here you are prepared and sparkling diamonds, pearls and immaculate whiteness, and blood-red rubies, and soft blue or pink sapphires, emeralds, and juicy, and colorful topaz. Pick jewelry so that they harmonize with the main band. Remember, no stones to decorate you, and you give them the beauty of grace. Although the white color for wedding dresses has not lost its relevance, but many are beginning to turn their attention to other options. White dress is no surprise, and this color is not for everyone, but the blue, pink, red, green, or any other outfit can accentuate the color of your eyes and hair color, skin tone, natural blush, supple waist. Try experimenting in games where no white dresses. Maybe you make a discovery, and learn something new about wedding fashion. Also, you will be offered a game where you will be able to organize a wedding in the Gothic style, where even the bride will be wearing a black dress with a black veil. Pick up this unusual bride appropriate hairstyle, jewelry, and evaluate the results. But what a wedding be without a beautiful bride? After all, next to the Queen should be royal bride! So it has to be put at least scrupulously than the bride. Given the characteristics of a man's wardrobe, this is not as hard as the bride, but the effort is still needed. Wedding games for girls offer to receive a place where the wedding ceremony will be held. Perhaps this will be a green field or a traditional room, but if you approach the process with the invention, it is possible to make a smart area and solemnly. Put the arch and decorate them with flowers, balloons and ribbons. Order your wedding torus with figurines of the bride and groom, select a vehicle - a luxury car or a horse-drawn carriage.

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