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Winx Club («Winx club») - is a cult Italian animated series about an unusual school Alpheus, where girls learn magic and sorcery. They do this not out of a girl's curiosity, but with high-end - to resist black magicians, who led the witch Trix. These evil forces want to enslave Magix - measuring, populated civilians. The main characters of the animated series, as well as online games Winx Club Winx girls are the six fairies: Flora, Bloom, Tecna, Layla, Musa and Stella. In the last 4 seasons, the team has a new character - a fairy Roxy. The developers of online games have long noticed how popular the target audience enjoy the game, the characters of which are cult heroes cartoon series. Winx Club Winx games targeted at girls. It's amazing how many young fans acquired Winx. There are a great number of communities in blogs and different sites where the girls exchange news, show that the Winx Club Winx game, much more interesting than, say, anime. Winx fairies because you can change clothes, hair, makeup. In addition, they have an interesting and eventful personal life. Animators tried to play Winx characters were the most similar to the animated characters. But, unlike them, the fairies in the game more accessible. They can change the appearance by choosing new clothes, hair model and change according to different game situations. For example, a magician came to have fun and go to a club. Oh, with what delight young designers to help them look just adorable! What a treat for the girls to play with your favorite characters! After all, previous generations of children did not have that opportunity. But the present can easily be involved in the most exciting virtual adventures: to fight evil and injustice, to reconcile with each other heroines, cook, arrange a meeting with a cute guy. In short, there is no time to be bored.

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