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Let the boys are proud of their strength and militancy - is their element and prerogative. The girl has a different purpose - to make the world and the very boys better, brighter, kinder and cleaner. Everything must be balanced, which is why, as opposed to male aggression acts female tolerance. Women are called the weaker games, but it is in their weakness is the great strength. And the concept is ambiguous. Weakness can be called that woman is inferior to man in physical strength or the fact that she can not resist the temptation of something. Power can also be manifested in the strength of the spirit, morals, or the ability to tap helplessly lashes and make thus turn a man for her to get to the mountain or the sky all the lights and throw them at her feet. Woman is so versatile and at different moments can be quite different, it makes her a mystery which, however, it is not able to solve itself. But one thing she knows for sure - men like beautiful, intelligent and mysterious women. This knowledge does not escape from even the little girls who intuitively what must be that the weakness turned into strength. Winx and Bratz games very accurately reflect the essence of things. Bratz Dolls: Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jane resemble ordinary girls who love to have fun with friends, dance, dress nicely, go on a date with a guy and hit the road to rest of the resort. These virtual girlfriend embody all girlish dreams and teach them to be different. Little fairy Winx: Flora, Techna, Stella, Musa and Bloom - it is also light magic, the meaning of which is for the edification and education of kindness and sense of justice. Playing games Winx and Bratz, the girls learn to distinguish between positive and negative aspects of life. This is a good and fun games that can make to start a little princesses and magic paint that must accompany every happy childhood. But beyond that, the girls have the opportunity to meet their purely feminine passion, playing with your favorite heroines in dress, coloring books, puzzles, manicure and makeup. Games with a kiss makes the process of romance, and sports activities. These heroines girls plunge into the magical world where there is no place frustrations and grievances, and the romantic and fantastic atmosphere will forget all the troubles that afflict. These games will create exactly the mood that will promote the development of good taste and refined manners, imagination, intuition, and fine sense of justice. Game, where magic and aesthetics are friendly tandem, seem a great way to plunge into a world where anything is possible and can only own imagination to create something new in your own image and character. Despite the seeming simplicity of the idea of ​​games in them lies the mass of useful and valuable. The personality from an early age, and depends on what emotions, things and relationships that person was surrounded. The person should be fully developed, and the ability to present themselves nicely in society plays an important role. Taking care of the animals brought up in the girls a sense of responsibility and kindness, and a virtual sports concept will need to care for their own health. Ability to dress inspire confidence, and the idea of ​​magic clears from evil thoughts and moods. Solving puzzles to learn to think logically and to overcome obstacles, and wedding games to prepare for adult life. Winx and Bratz Games - is good and cute game for girls.

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