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"Winx Club. Winx "- Italian animated series, the idea of ​​belonging to the director Idzhinio Straffi. It was aired in the winter of 2008 and since then periodically there are new seasons, each of which twenty-six series. It is a story on the history of the series about a girl fairies, united together by the will of fate, and now, the forces of evil in the struggle for peace and justice. Chief among them Bloom, accidentally discovered that also belongs to the magical world and is one of the fairies. Now, together with her friends she goes to school and took lessons witches witchcraft and magic. Each of the fairies stands out among her friends for its distinctive traits and abilities. Thekla loves order and loves technology, Muse sees life in art, flora controls the forces of nature, Stella can not live without magic, and Leila leads a healthy lifestyle, working out. In addition to the animated series invented a lot of computer games, in which the main characters, the same act Winx fairies. Games are presented in various categories of the genre, but in this section we take a closer look with paint. That game Winx coloring are the most creative and vibrant, among many other topics. Coloring like all children, and this is perhaps one of the first computer games that children begin to learn, getting acquainted with the virtual world. However, even as adults, this activity does not cease to please and fun. Often parents with anxiety related to their children's enthusiasm for computer games, for fear of their negative influence. This bias to some extent justified, but there are a number of games, which in no way can harm the vulnerable child's mind. It is to such games include games Coloring Winx. All games involving Winx imbued with kindness and positive, but it is able to provide children with coloring taste in art, beauty, perception of the world and logic thinking. Actively participating in the life and interests of the child, parents can always help him cope with the task of the game, to help find the right color and advise in the selection of parts. This is a wonderful pastime for the co-creation at bedtime. In contrast to the active computer games, games, coloring pages Winx not vzbudorazhat child, and does not disturb his rest. On the contrary, it's a great way to get positive emotions before you plunge into the arms of Morpheus. Returning a black and white picture the color, the children will be directly involved in the creation story. They may imagine that the brush - it is their magic wand, and each wave of the magic world image fills life, awakening to action heroines and equipping the new feats. All images are reminiscent of an animated story, and the children will learn to know him the story, become the artists who worked on the creation of a magical and fantastic world. In each game, you'll find a palette of colors and shades. By clicking on the selected color with the mouse, you will plunge into it his "magic wand" and will transfer to the part of the picture, which should paint. If it turns out that the color does not fit here, it is always easy to change the other, simply by applying in this area a new shade. In the same field, you will see painted miniatures - one of the Winx Club in color. It will serve as a example of how to paint it. See what it used to paint in the original and try to recreate the image itself. And if you want to dream, feel free to come up with his own version of the color image.

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