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This section of our website will interest all fans of the popular animated series "Winx Club - Winx." The animated series is quite young - went on Italian television screens only January 28, 2004. However, a few years creation Idzhinio Straffi gained popularity around the world. The plot of "Winx Club" is built around the story of female fairies who fight the forces of evil to save the world. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla are good friends and like all girls their age, concerned about its image. This category contains the best Winx Games dress that few people remain indifferent. Bright and colorful, they provide a place where your imagination can run wild. In fact, the games for girls dress up Winx contain different sets of clothing, shoes and accessories. And to make it more interesting to play, each game has its own story. Girlfriends often fairies need to dress not for another battle with the wicked, and for the publication. And still do not know what the task is more difficult! Every girl wants to look good regardless of the situation in which it falls. For example, games Winx Dress offer to pick up an outfit for various festivals and events, whether it be hiking to the interview, to the theater, a romantic dinner or to a costume party on the occasion of Halloween. And there are very useful skills in fashion and style. Proper hairstyle and hair color, make-up fitting, bold or classic clothing and accessories to taste - it all allow you to join the environment, or, conversely, select a character from the crowd. Thus, each fairy in the game can become irresistible thanks for you. After playing dress up Winx tell about the interesting life situations, which get young sorceress. Hardly any of the girls would argue that it is essential to find the right outfit for going to the beach, to the store, school, or to a party with friends and girlfriends. But it is better to wear: a skirt or jeans, T-shirt or dress? But still you need to select the color and texture of fabric! And do not forget about the shoes: classic or sports? Well, the choice of accessories and can capture the spirit! Some games offer a truly huge selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles. In addition, you can also change the surrounding scenery heroines fairies and add various effects to your liking. And the fruits of his work can also print! And all of this is usually a fun and familiar music. So, all fans of the popular Italian animated series "Winx Club - Winx" and lover of fashion and style will be able to take your free time in this section of our site.

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