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Unfortunately, not all computer games, which are claimed for children, can be called positive. Frequent moments of violence and cruelty in them, and the subject of games is poor. Fortunately, a wide range of computer game products allows you to choose the one with confidence and without fear can be offered to young players. Bright, kind, creative and educational games are not uncommon, and they should focus their attention. That can be attributed to such games Winx puzzles that are provided in this section of our web portal. In 2004, the Italian premiere of the animated series "Winx Club. Winx ", created by director Idzhinio Straffi. Girl fairy Bloom, close, Stella, Layla, Musa, Flora and by the will of fate together. They met a lot of adventures in which they are constantly saving the world from the manifestation of evil forces and solve their own problems. Like normal girls, they love to have fun and naughty, which is why they are so fond of children. Animated series with these heroines is already out in a few seasons, and now over it continues to work. And in anticipation of the new series, children can enjoy computer games with small, mischievous fairies. Noteworthy given logic games, which include games Winx puzzles. Because adults always want to stay and the game carried a cognitive element, this column corresponds to this request. These games are not calm vzbudorazhat child before bed and it will teach useful skills such as: attention, logic thinking, searching and matching the desired shape and color. Children to cultivate perseverance, commitment, and develop spatial vision. For the youngest gamers provided puzzles easier from a small number of disparate elements. Older players can complicate the task themselves, if they choose puzzle with lots of mosaic tiles. Jigsaw with heroines Winx very interesting, because the picture looks very bright and depict familiar scenes from the animated series. Puzzle pieces themselves are also different shapes, which makes the game even more interesting. In addition to the classic look, which is very often, you will see the square and even round puzzle. With the help of their children will be able to restore the image if assemble all the parts together, setting them in the right order. In one game may be several images, and finished to collect one, you can immediately start another. If a piece of the puzzle will not fit, until his turn until he turns sideways. To complicate the task very experienced players, games Winx puzzles offer to play for a while. Collecting the pieces of the puzzle together, you will enjoy a pleasant melody that lift your spirits and give the game more pleasant atmosphere. Moving to the next levels, the game will become more complex and the number of elements of the speed with which it is necessary to have time to finish the new stage of the game. As you can see, puzzles can also be quite recklessly. Winx Games puzzle - an amazing combination of magic, entertainment, education, and educational components that are so rarely found together. It is these games that allow children not only get a good mood, but also to acquire useful skills that adults tend to develop it. Puzzles with Winx deserve to not forget about them, and periodically returned to them. It's enough to keep the site's address to your bookmarks, you can easily open it.

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