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Favorite animated series "Winx Club" about the magical adventures of fairies continues in the fifth season. We are waiting for the exciting story of the confrontation between good and evil, love and friendship, omnipotent power of magic. Blue, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Stella, Aisha and Roxy's fight with the forces of evil, protecting the fabulous world of Magix from witches and all sorts of monsters. They build their personal lives, trying to find happiness next to your loved ones. And, of course, continue to learn for themselves and their magical abilities. Along with new episodes was started and fresh game Winx season 5. All who long for an active struggle with the evil spell, can download the fascinating adventure toys and immersed himself in the world of magic. Here you can develop techniques of magic, to save innocent beings, stop any aggression and violence. In adventure games Winx Club can proceed with its most beloved fairy, and when the task is too difficult, use the whole team girls fairies. Beautiful bright graphics, beautiful music and captivating game plot seriously carry away the cartoon fans and help to feel ownership of the life of a beloved heroines. Games Winx Season 5 also offer new portions of colorings. Here you can download the black and white blank and fill them with the magic of colors. Winx fairies vary from year to year, and the fans can be able to add to their images a lot and charming, if you take the time to color experiments. Like any girl, Winx Club fairies love to dress up in all sorts of outfits. But they are - only cartoon characters, and access to the fashionable wardrobe is opened for them only through the efforts of devoted fans. Dress up games with heroines Winx Club can dress their favorite fairy in new costumes. It would be - ultra classic pants or a dress? Unleash your imagination and do not forget that along with the outfit would be nice to take care of the make-up and hair. To do this, open the game with a beauty salon and get to be creative. It may be that the person Winx fairies do even more beautiful. Games for the fifth season of your favorite cartoon - it is not only fun way to spend time and get involved in the fight against computer with evil spells, but also the opportunity to develop their own talents and gifts. You like to cook? Culinary Winx games will bring new ideas. Dream to become a designer? By establishing a home for the fairies in a computer game, you'll get invaluable experience. In this section of the site as possible to try the latest and already beloved game of Winx Club. Run them and enjoy the interactive dialogue with the world of brilliant magic.

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Games Winx season 5 online for free

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