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The most popular comic book titled "X-Men" tells about the breed of mutants that are or may use the flexibility and agility of animals or possess a supernatural gift. Certainly genetic mutation is not the most pleasant gift bestowed upon the people whom nature, because the supernatural powers of the human body do not contribute to the establishment of normal relations between ordinary people. But in this comic book from Marvel secret of his success lies in the fact that the authors not only gave the new heroes of altered genes, had brought them to power, but also ordinary human experiences. That's why we look at the X-Men characters as ordinary people, albeit with certain features. The most popular of the X-Men, Wolverine has become. This legendary character a little bit rude, and it is not aesthetics, but they never back down no to anyone. Even if it would be a huge Hulk. Also, Wolverine has a special charm. As for opportunities, he adamantovyh indestructible skeleton and claws that perfectly heal any damage. With the ability to regenerate, he can survive even after severe injuries. Wolverine - the perfect fighter, which coexist not only a rabid animal rage, but also humanity. Comics became so popular that at first he took off animated series based, and then a series of films that continues over time, and generate huge amounts of money for their creators. And, of course, the popular game Wolverine and the X-Men, who give us stories and adventures that we have not seen even in many cartoons and movies. Of course, the games involved not only Wolverine, but also many other characters in the universe of "X-Men." This Professor X (Charles Xavier), who can read minds, cause memory loss, temporary paralysis, or illusion. Also popular and Magneto, one of the strongest characters. He has the power to control magnetism, so that one can take away the power of thought all the weapons at their opponents. Cyclops possesses the uncanny ability to produce laser beams from his eyes. It makes him go to the specific points at any time and remove them only when necessary to attack opponents. He also has a special instrument of vision. Henry Phillip McCoy, nicknamed the Beast is not only the appearance of the animal, but also an amazing intellect and a brilliant politician. A huge number of other X-Men will give you great experience while playing games!

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Games and the X-Men Origins Wolverine free online

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