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Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) have become one of the most popular among fans of the genre action. These games attract that allow players from all over the world to join the process at any time and start the battle. This virtual world is created in such a way that the player can play the role of a single combat unit or what or join a clan, group, party. One of these MMO games is the "world of tanks» (World of Tanks) Belarusian studio, which is dedicated to armored combat equipment mid-twentieth century. Announcement of the game was released in spring 2009, and in the late summer of 2010 the game was released in full. The developers have positioned the game as a MMO-shooter with elements of strategy and role-playing shooter game. Several dozens of armored vehicles and terrain maps give players the choice to turn around and start their campaign. Now everyone can play online games World of tanks, selecting from a huge list of light and nimble tank to wear down the enemy medium tank for making breakthroughs lightning or heavy, but very reliable, to conduct intense combat with a massive fire. Ability to manage such a serious machine may be a critical step in winning the individual battle or battle as a whole. Becoming armor to the armor, tanks ally will repel the enemy attack, and move in their own offensive. As in any other version of the online MMO game "World of tanks" includes the ability to continuously improve their car. Earning a reputation by accumulating points, you will be able to improve their "steel caterpillar horse." Won the battle will ensure that you will soon be able to buy in your store a new and reliable elements that can strengthen your tank and increase its combat power by raising the original characteristics. As a shooter, "World of Tanks" in store for you operation to eliminate the enemy, sudden encounter with him and carefully planned operation. Controllable camera capable to convert a third-person action shooter game in which you destroy enemies, not only in normal mode, but also in the sniper. The strategy provides no mindless heroism, and plan joint actions. Appropriate tactics will ensure universal success. Have a soldier in the field, too, but remember that your actions have consequences, and you are responsible for the life of the team, win or possible defeat. Starting games online to play World of Tanks, you will see more than six hundred species of machines designed in the Soviet Union, France, Germany and America, from the thirties and fifties ending years of the last century. You can select any tank, manage and develop it. Models of the World: "Pershing" T-34 "Tiger" or experimental models will be at your disposal. Entry-level players will be available only four cards, "Mines", "Himmelsdorf", "Province" and "robin". Over time you will begin to open before the other cards with boundless fields of Eastern Europe, Germany cities or streets so familiar streets of his native city. You can admire the scenery and at the same time discovered to make adjustments in the plan of action, based on the terrain. Engaging in combat, you will not only crush the enemy, but also to try to join with him in diplomatic relations. The war - is, above all, the policy, which means that caliber is not always appropriate to the success of the war. Gaining allies and making compromises, you can win a lot faster.

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