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Who does not know a cult game Worms - worms, which have long won the love and acceptance of many gamers around the world. This is not surprising. It should be remembered that the first line of the game Worms was released in 1994. Games are a turn-based worms arcade, which is the most exciting way gives us the story and brodilok shooters, the plot of which unfolds in the battle field, and the main characters are two teams of worms fighting with each other. It would seem quite a simple game, but what's in it so fascinates the player. First, you must give credit to the game schedule. It's simple, but it is quite unusual. All the playing field worms are some remnants of the land on which the battle takes place. The second important aspect of the game is a cheerful disposition. Funny worms are different from all known heroes. They are so cynical laugh at the opponent when it shatters. Some phrases that sound from the lips of young soldiers make the worms just laugh. The most important aspect of the game Worms - is the presence of a huge quantity of arms, which is used in its military action smaller characters. If you click on the view of arms, you'll find an arsenal of guns, grenades, pistols, and most unexpected things armory of each worm. This could be a nuclear strike, and maybe kick lamb, which disperse all to pieces. By the way, it is worth noting that the prototype of Worms was the simplest game in the tanchiki, who also made their turn attacked the enemy. But believe me, no graphics, no idea of ​​the game is not any comparison with cult worms. Surprisingly, in the world of Worms each player has its own unique name. Worms give the team a game the teams are so passionate, that it is difficult to break away from the worms, even for lunch. Worms games online at our site is easy and simple. Rather choose for themselves the most appropriate game and start it for free Play along for fun. Play Worms everyone can. From the youngest hero to adults, because the game will captivate everyone. Not only can you not assumed, but the game Worms Armageddon gathers for common battles and tournaments of professional players, which is sensed even in the Olympics. It should be noted that during the fighting on the field down different bonus attributes. It could be boxes of weapons, and maybe even first aid kit, which will bring the worm's health and strength. During the fight worms do not die immediately, they can withstand a few powerful blows that only lower their standard of living, expressed in points. But when it struck a devastating blow, the worm dies while he is happy with the whole action. Explodes in a place where there is a tombstone. The most vivid and colorful moments can be shown to you in record mode, so you could enjoy more time with his powerful attacks the opponent. Worms have long been a popular game of our time, so do not waste your time, but rather fun run worms and bravely into battle with the enemy.

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